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Wants vs. Needs

Wants vs. Needs

Here is something we can all agree on: We usually buy what we want, not always what we need. Needs are lower on the totem pole of value-driven decisions than wants. We all can relate to an example of this. Recently been in the market for a car because the old one made a funny noise? Felt drawn to the “ultimate driving experience” when a used Chevy ride would do? You’re not alone. Whether it’s Nike versus Converse or top sirloin versus Hamburger Helper, we’ve all felt the draw. Affordability sometimes dictates the choice, but the draw is undeniable!

taking care of their teeth should be a “want,” shouldn’t it?

There are three resistors to taking care of teeth: money, time, and fear. So with money, the answer is prevention. Routine cleanings and fixing small problems is so much more inexpensive than waiting for something to hurt. Even most insurance companies recognize this and pay a benefit for prevention. Of course, cost escalates with prolonged neglect. Guess who’s responsible for that choice? To save time, we can perform all routine dental treatment efficiently with just one visit.

Are teeth important to you? Do you want them to last a lifetime? Do you need them? I often hear the rationale that teeth in the back are not that important. When they hurt, just take them out …

Lastly, fear or anxiety because of past bad dental experiences can be addressed by “sleep dentistry.” Pills work for some patients, while a dose of IV sedation works for others. Wake up and your teeth are healthy and strong again!

However, the researchers at Mayo Clinic claim people with teeth live 10 years longer on average than people without. Most people want to live longer, so

So, call today and put healthy teeth in your “want” column.

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