Newaygo County 1st auction catalog w/ photos

Newaygo County Auction Terms

Announcements made on sale day take precedence over previously printed matter.

To Our Buyers: All buyers are required to sign an Affidavit due to State statute stating that they do not directly or indirectly hold interest in any property with delinquent taxes in Newaygo County and are not responsible for any unpaid civil fines. If a buyer held an interest in a property at the time of foreclosure, they may only purchase the property back with prior approval of the County Treasurer for an amount of the minimum bid or higher. This requirement includes a second auction purchase as well. 1. REGISTRATION - All bidders are encouraged to register on-line in advance of the sale with Bippus USA at . On-site registration will begin at 12:00 p.m. on auction day. No bids will be accepted unless the bidder has registered and received a pre-numbered bid card. Driver’s license or State I.D. must be presented in order to receive a bidder number. It is a requirement of Registration to place with Bippus USA a deposit of $1,000 in cash, certified check, or wire transfer funds. (There is an additional $50 fee for wired funds.) Unused funds will be returned to the bidder the same day. Note: All certified checks need to be made payable to you and then endorsed when tendered as the deposit. 2. ELIGIBLE BIDDERS - The County Treasurer sets procedures governing bidders and the auction sale. Any person who meets all of the following requirements may register as a bidder and receive a pre-numbered bid card: A) a person who has paid the $1,000 bidder fee in cash or certified funds; B) a person who does not directly or indirectly hold more than a de minimus legal interest in any property with delinquent property taxes located in Newaygo County; C) a person who has not been banned or otherwise excluded by the Newaygo County Treasurer and/or the auction company from participation in the public auction sale. 3. PROPERTIES OFFERED – The attached list of County Treasurer owned properties being offered have been approved for sale at public auction by the County Treasurer. According to State statutes, ALL PRIOR liens (other than some IRS and DEQ liens) and taxes are cancelled by Circuit Court Order. These properties are subject to any visible or recorded easement or right of way, private deed restrictions, or restrictions or other governmental interests imposed pursuant to the natural resources and environmental protection act and are further subject to any State, county or local zoning or building ordinances. The County Treasurer does not guarantee the usability or access to any of these lands. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PROSPECTIVE PURCHASER TO DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH AS TO THE USE OF THE LAND FOR THEIR INTENDED PURPOSE. THE COUNTY TREASURER MAKES NEITHER REPRESENTATIONS NOR CLAIMS AS TO FITNESS FOR PURPOSE, INGRESS/EGRESS, CONDITIONS, COVENANTS, OR RESTRICTIONS. OCCUPIED STRUCTURES MAY NOT BE ENTERED WITHOUT THE TENANT’S PERMISSION; SECURED VACANT STRUCTURES MAY NOT BE ENTERED.

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