Newaygo County 1st auction catalog w/ photos

4. MINIMUM BID PRICE – The minimum bid prices are shown on the foreclosed property list. Starting bids will be at least $200 for the second auction. 5. CONDUCT OF THE AUCTION – Any registered person may bid on the properties offered. Any person unable to attend the sale can be represented at the sale by an agent or other representative with authority to bid and otherwise represent the person. The registered bidder is legally and financially responsible for all parcels bid upon whether representing oneself or acting as an agent. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse bids not in line with bid increment progression and their decision over any auction dispute is absolute and final. 6. TERMS OF SALE – THE FULL PURCHASE PRICE MUST BE PAID THE DAY OF THE SALE. The purchase price consists of the bid price, the 10% buyer’s premium and a $59.00 per parcel deed preparation fee. IF TOTAL PURCHASE IS $1,000.00 OR LESS, payment will be deducted from the required registration deposit. FOR ALL PURCHASES OVER $1,000.00 the remaining BALANCE is due the day of sale and can be paid in cash, certified checks, personal or business checks or wired funds. Failure to pay purchase price in full by 5 p.m. on day of auction will result in forfeiture of deposit, cancellation of sale, and elimination of all future buying privileges. 7. PURCHASE RECEIPT – Successful bidders at the sale will be issued a receipt for their purchases upon payment. Deeds will be executed, recorded and mailed to the buyer within 30 days of auction. 8. PROPERTY TAXES – THE 2023 SUMMER BILL IS INCLUDED IN THE MINIMUM BID. The buyer is responsible for the 2023 Winter taxes when they come out in December and all property taxes that become due and payable after the foreclosure will be the responsibility of the purchaser. 9. TITLE BEING CONVEYED – Quit claim deeds will be issued conveying only such title as received by the County Treasurer through tax foreclosure. Title insurance companies may or may not issue title insurance on properties purchased at this sale. The County Treasurer makes no representation as to the availability of title insurance and the UNAVAILABILITY OF TITLE INSURANCE IS NOT A GROUNDS FOR RECONVEYANCE TO THE COUNTY TREASURER. THE PURCHASER MAY INCUR LEGAL COSTS FOR A SUIT TO QUIET TITLE ACTION TO SATISFY THE REQUIREMENTS OF TITLE INSURANCE COMPANIES IN ORDER TO OBTAIN TITLE INSURANCE. 10. SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS – All bidders should contact city or township offices to determine if there are any outstanding bonded assessments for future tax years on the properties being offered.

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