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Kevin Diesenberg 6 Frank’s Column: What’s Your Super Bowl?

FRANK’S COLUMN What’s Your Super Bowl?

It’s time for the NFL extravaganza again. In this one winner-takes-all game, you can literally bet on anything that happens in or around the game (which they should move to Saturday night by the way, but don’t get me started). Every year, 32 teams start with the same goal, but only two get there (spoiler alert: It’s not the Redskins). That’s kind of the key isn’t it? Plan to do it. Work hard for it. Hang in there. Just get there and anything can happen. You’ve got a shot — that’s all you can ask for. That’s so much of what we do in life. Whether we’re going to school, working, starting a business, recovering from a serious injury, or going through a painful time in our lives, just remember: When we set a goal, work hard, and hang in there, we’ve got a chance. So, above all else, just give yourself a chance (and yes, this advice applies to Valentine’s Day as well).


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