Fluoride Tooth Polish For Sensitive Teeth contains:




Fluoride | Strengthens Enamel Fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel and is helpful in preventing tooth decay and protecting oral health. Potassium Nitrate | Fights Sensitivity Potassium nitrate enters the tubules and calms the pain signals being sent to the nerves – and quickly relieves the symptoms of sensitivity.

氟化物 | 强化珐琅质

Welcome Relief for Sensitive Teeth

氟化物能强化牙齿根本,同时有助预防蛀 牙,保持口腔健康。

硝酸钾 | 阻隔刺激

硝酸钾填补牙本质小管,避免传递疼痛感 至牙神经,迅速减轻敏感酸痛症状。

Zinc Citrate | Fights Tartar and Plaque Zinc citrate helps prevent tartar buildup by preventing plaque from hardening.

柠檬酸锌 | 对抗牙垢和菌斑


舒缓牙齿敏感, 不怕酸痛来扫兴 A new survey of U.S. dental offices finds that one in eight people has over- sensitive teeth. With proper brushing habits, it helps bring welcome relief for sensitive teeth so you can enjoy the foods you love. Give Sensitive Tooth Polish with Fluoride a try! 美国牙科诊所的一项新调查发现,每8个人当 中就有1人有牙齿敏感问题。使用敏感型净白 含氟牙膏,配合正确刷牙习惯,帮您刷走酸 痛,开心享美食!

Melaleuca Oil and Myrrh | Fights Bacteria T40-C3 Melaleuca Oil and myrrh help tackle odor- causing bacteria, and freshen breath.

茶树精油和纯植没药 | 抗菌

T40-C3茶树精油和纯植没药有助抑制口腔 坏菌生长,保持口气清新。

Papain – Whitens Teeth Papain helps break away and dissolves stains on the teeth for whiter smiles.

木瓜酵素 | 还原洁白


Do your breath a favor Exceed Sugar-Free Mints don’t just disguise bad breath, they help fight it with lasting freshness. And they’re sweetened with xylitol for guilt-free refreshment. • Sugar free – Low calories • Xylitol – Bacteria in the mouth cannot ferment it • Aspartame free – Healthier • Long lasting flavor – More refreshing 口气清新好帮手 超快感无糖薄荷锭不仅掩饰口臭,同时让您口气清新。此外,它的甜味 来自木糖醇,健康零负担。 • 无糖 - 低卡 • 木糖醇 - 使口腔里的细菌无法发酵 • 无阿斯巴甜 - 更健康 • 长效配方 - 更清新

Potassium nitrate can reduce the permeability of the dentinal tubules and block the nerve response, forming a layer of protection against sensitivity. 硝酸钾能阻塞牙本质小 管至牙神经的通透性, 阻隔敏感刺激,就像穿 上一层防护衣。

Are you following the 333 rules every day? 1. Brush within 3 minutes after eating: When you eat, the pH in your mouth becomes acidic. The longer it stays that way, the easier it is to cause tooth decay. 2. Brush for 3 minutes: Brush long enough every time to effectively remove food residue and plaque. 3. Rinse for 30 seconds: Choose an anti- bacteria mouth rinse to keep bacteria out and your mouth fresh.

您每天是否遵循333 规则? 1. 进食后的3分钟内刷牙:进 食后,口腔的pH值变成酸 性,时间越长,造成蛀牙的 几率越高。 2. 刷牙3分钟:以足够的时间刷 牙,才能有效清除食物残渣 和牙菌斑。 3. 漱口30秒:选择一款抗菌漱 口水来抑制口腔细菌,维持 口气清新。

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