旋转式三用眉笔 旋转式三用眉笔是勾画完美眉型的必需品。笔端让您勾画眉型、海绵端 的眉粉上色,填补眉毛稀疏的部份。最后,以螺旋刷头将眉色刷匀,使眉 毛更具立体感。 Definition Brow Pencil The Definition Three-in-One Brow Pencil has everything needed to create full, shapely brows. Add shape and definition with the versatile pencil tip, fill out sparse areas with the brow powder, and flawlessly blend color with the brow brush for naturally well-defined brows.

NEW Brow Pencil 新品上市 旋转式三用眉笔

Create Your Own STYLE 绽放属于 您的 风采 Sei Bella is on a mission to put a spotlight on your unique beauty. After all, you’re the leading lady in your own life story. You deserve products that put you front and center. 让世界看见您的独特之美,这是水.贝娜 的永恒使命。在属于您的人生故事里,您就 是唯一的主角,您值得好好享受水.贝娜带 来的肌肤美容保养。

Safe for Contact Lens Wearers 隐形眼镜佩戴者也可安心使用




SKU1237 | Brunette 深褐色

SKU1166 | Deep Brown 棕黑色

防水睫毛膏 根根分明防水睫毛膏含弯月型卷翘刷头,抓紧睫毛根部,使睫毛更纤长,根根分明。 • 水溶性丝绸柔顺睫毛,荷荷巴油、维他命E和乳木果油滋养睫毛 • 经眼科医生测试,隐形眼镜佩戴者可安心使用 • 不含香精和防腐剂 Defining Waterproof Mascara Takes your lashes to new lengths with a curved, molded brush that defines and separates every lash. • Hydrolyzed silk smooths and defines lashes with jojoba, vitamin E, and shea butter nourish • Ophthalmologist tested , safe for contact lens wearers • Fragrance-free, paraben-free

SKU8226 | Black 黑色 SKU8227 | Brown 棕黑色

Super Value Promotion Save RM13.50 本月特惠省 RM13.50 Sei Bella Definition Three-in-One Brow Pencil + Defining Waterproof Mascara 水.贝娜旋转式三用眉笔 + 防水睫毛膏 SKU4452 | Regular Price 普通售价 : RM203.00 SAVE 35% 节省 Preferred Customer 优惠价 : RM131.00 (16pts)

Creating over-the-top, flirty, fierce or just plain fun eye looks have never been easier with Sei Bella’s mascara and brow pencil range at your fingertips! 无论您要塑造的是浮夸、俏丽妩媚、冷艳高贵或是可爱活泼的眼部造型,只要拥有水 • 贝娜 睫毛膏与眉笔,就能易如反掌打造出不同的明眸风情!



Promotional Price 促销价 : RM117.50 (12pts)


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