Clinically Tested Ingredients in Every Bottle Sei Bella combines the power of science and nature to deliver a unique formula that is both gentle on skin and highly effective. 每一瓶皆含有 经临床试验测试的成份 水.贝娜将科技与大自然结合,创造了高效, 且温和的独特配方,呵护眼周娇嫩肌肤。

Clinically tested ingredients to dramatically improve virtually every skin concern around the eyes. You'll see results immediately, with increased benefits over time. Reduces dark circles up to 20% in just four weeks Minimizes puffiness up to 23% in two hours

Discover Brighter, Younger- looking Eyes with

Lychee | Brightens the eye area 荔枝 | 焕亮眼周肌肤

Firms and minimizes wrinkles

Goji Berry | Firms and minimizes wrinkles 枸杞 | 紧致与减少皱纹

Soothes, tightens, and lifts skin

Brightens eye area

NEW Bright Eyes Multi-Benefit Eye Treatment 新亮采多元修护眼胶 让您展现明亮、 青春双眸

经临床试验测试的成份,可显著改善几乎所 有的眼周肌肤问题。您将能立即见证效果, 长期使用,效益更佳。

Oat Kernel | Helps sooth, tighten, and lift skin 燕麦仁 | 有助舒缓、紧实和提拉肌肤



NEW Bright Eyes Multi-Benefit Eye

Argan Fruit | Reduces the appearance of crow’s-feet 阿甘果 | 减少鱼尾纹



Treatment 新品上市 亮采多元修护眼胶


Green Tea | Nurtures and energizes skin 绿茶 | 滋养与赋活肌肤

Unisooth | Reduces dark circles up to 20% and minimizes puffiness up to 23% Unisooth复合物 | 击退黑眼圈达20% 和减少眼部浮肿问题达23%

Bright Eyes Multi-Benefit Eye Treatment is specially designed with a cooling applicator that soothes the eye area with every application. Perfectly sized and angled to fit around the eye, and smoothly glides over the skin to distribute the gel with minimal pressure or tugging. 亮采多元修护眼胶的独特冰感按摩头设计,每一次涂抹时都能舒缓眼周肌肤。针对眼周肌肤 而设计的冰感按摩头,将眼霜均匀与平滑的涂抹于眼周,减少按压与拉扯肌肤。

Sei Bella Bright Eyes Multi-Benefit Eye Treatment 水 • 贝娜亮采多元修护眼胶 SKU2711 | Regular Price 普通售价 : RM200.00 SAVE 36% 节省 Preferred Customer 优惠价 : RM128.00 (16pts)

Aloe Vera | Soothes and conditions skin 芦荟 | 舒缓与调理肌肤


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