Fabric Freshener & Wrinkle Relaxer

Room Spray 室内空气清新剂


Just a few spritzes eliminates wrinkles and freshens hard-to-wash fabrics everywhere in your home. 只需喷一喷,就能轻松去除 衣物皱痕,随时清新居家难 以清洗的布料。

Leaving behind nothing but delightful fragrance and freshness, this light, non-aerosol spray quickly lifts the mood in every room. Revive非气溶胶空气清新剂 瞬间为居家空间增添气氛,营 造清新宜人的芳香。

Clothings 衣物

Linens, Towels & Laundry Baskets 织物、毛巾和洗衣篮

Couches, Pillows & Blankets 沙发、枕头和被单

Carpet, Rugs & Drapes 地毯、毛毯和窗帘

Gym Bags & Shoes 运动背包和运动鞋

Entryway 入口

Living Room 客厅

Kitchen 厨房

Bedroom 卧房

Bathroom 浴室

DON’T FORGET A MIXING BOTTLE To get the most uses from your favorite concentrated scent, be sure you have the matching spray bottle! 别忘了使用混合喷雾瓶 搭配混合喷雾瓶使用您最爱的浓缩柔顺衣物 清新除皱剂,效果更佳。

NON AEROSOL SPRAY BOTTLE Pull the trigger once for a single spray. Quickly pull the trigger two or three times for an aerosol effect without the harmful chemicals.

Spritz Away, and Feel Good About It Revive helps your home smell and feel just as good as it looks. Plus, it’s concentrated so you save money and reduce environmental impact.

非气溶胶喷瓶 单次使用可按压喷头一次,连续快速按压喷头两至三次可 产生类似气溶胶喷雾的效果,却不含气溶胶的有害物质。

随时喷一喷,感受清新宜 人的芳香 Revive为居家营造芳香宜人的 氛围。此外,浓缩配方将让您节 省金钱和减少塑料浪费。


REFILLS ARE SMART Reuse your sprayer and save plastic, water, and energy by buying refills. 补充液是明智之选 可重复使用喷雾瓶,节省塑料、水源、能源。

REFILLS ARE SMART Reuse your sprayer and save plastic, water, and energy by buying concentrated refills. 补充液是明智之选 可重复使用喷雾瓶,节省塑料、 水源、能源。

DON’T FORGET A SPRAY BOTTLE Revive is the only room spray that gives you multiple uses with our reusable spray bottle. 别忘了使用混合喷 雾瓶 Revive 是唯一具有可重 复使用喷瓶设计的空气 清新剂。

concentrated 2X

1 Room Spray Refill 1瓶室内空气清新剂补充液

2 Bottles of Room Spray 2瓶备用室内空气清新剂

2X CONCENTRATED So you get twice as many spritzes for a refreshing savings. 2倍浓缩 1瓶含有双倍的柔顺衣物清新除皱 剂,让您节省更多。

Revive Room Spray Refill 355ml Revive 室内空气清新剂补充液 355ml Regular Price 普通售价 : RM 34.50 SAVE 32% 节省 Preferred Customer 优惠价 : RM 23.50 (3pts) SKU3747 | Sea Salt & Vanilla 海盐与香草 SKU3278 | Tropical Sorbet 热带果香 Revive Reusable Room Spray Bottle 177ml Revive 室内空气清新剂喷瓶 177ml Regular Price 普通售价 : RM 9.90 Preferred Customer 优惠价 : RM 9.90 (0pts) SKU7702 | Sea Salt & Vanilla 海盐与香草 SKU7701 | Tropical Sorbet 热带果香

Exclusive for LVIP members (Limited to 2 per LVIP customer)


NOVEMBER LVIP SPECIAL 11月尊荣忠诚会员特惠 Revive Room Spray Refill (any one)

Revive Fabric Freshener & Wrinkle Relaxer 2x Concentrate - Original 473ml Revive 衣物清新除皱剂2倍浓缩 - 春日花香 473ml SKU7197 | Regular Price 普通售价 : RM 43.00

+ Fabric Freshener & Wrinkle Relaxer 2x Concentrate

Revive 室内空气清新剂补充液 (任选一)

+ 柔顺衣物清新除皱剂2倍浓缩 - 春日花香

Regular Price 普通售价 : RM 77.50 SAVE 32% 节省 Preferred Customer 优惠价 : RM 53.00 (7pts) SKU2743 Lifetime Silver VIP SAVINGS RM5.30 ADDITIONAL 额外 折扣

SAVE 31% 节省 Preferred Customer 优惠价 : RM 29.50 (4pts) Revive Fabric Freshener & Wrinkle Relaxer Mixing Bottle

Price 促销价 : RM 47.70 (6pts) Price 促销价 : RM 47.70 (6pts) Price 促销价 : RM 42.40 (5pts)

RM5.30 RM10.60


Lifetime Gold VIP

1 Fabric Freshener Concentrate 1瓶浓缩柔顺衣物清 新除皱剂

2 Bottles of Fabric Freshener 2瓶备用柔顺衣物清 新除皱剂


Revive 衣物清新除皱剂调和瓶 - 春日花香 SKU7036 | Regular Price 普通售价 : RM 6.10 Preferred Customer 优惠价 : RM 6.10 (0pts)

Lifetime PlatinumVIP SAVINGS


* Promotion Period is between 1-30 Nov 2017 on a “while stock last” basis. 促销期于2017年11月1日至31日。存货有限,售完为止。


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