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Shop for Melaleuca products with convenience at your fingertips 选购美乐家优质产品仅在弹指间

h t t p: //ma l ays i a .me l a l euca .com

• Learning about Melaleuca’s first in the world exclusive products from product information and ingredient labels 从产品介绍与产品成份标签认识美乐家的世界首创独家产品 • Great savings with monthly Super Value, 40 Points, exclusive Lifetime VIP promotions 每月产品促销、40点促销、尊荣忠诚会员特惠,让您节省更多 • Attractive monthly exclusive Web-Only Specials 网上独家产品促销,只限网上购物 • 24/7 shopping convenience, access anytime 全天候便利购物 • Convenience and ease of online enrollment 轻松、便利办妥入会手续 When you shop at, you enjoy: 当您在 网上购物,您可享有:




* Valid from 1st November – 30th November 2017 / 只限2017年11月1日 – 30日 November Web-Only Promotion / 11 月网上独家产品促销


NEW 新品上市

Better performance. Faster recovery. 更杰出的表现 , 更快速的恢复

Grape Seed Oil Twin Pack 植醇葡萄籽调和油双瓶装 SKU 631 | Regular Price 普通售价: RM114.00 SAVE 32% 节省 Preferred Customer 优惠价格: RM77.00 (7pts)

Lemon Brite + MelaMagic 神奇洗碗剂 + 强效万能清洁剂 SKU 3357 | Regular Price 普通售价: RM74.70 SAVE 35% 节省 Preferred Customer 优惠价格: RM48.55 (5Pts)

SAVINGS ADDITIONAL 额外 折扣 Promotional Price 促销价: RM12.15

SAVINGS ADDITIONAL 额外 折扣 Promotional Price 促销价: RM15.40

RM36.40 (3Pts)

RM61.60 (4Pts)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PROMOTIONS 1. Promotions are only applicable to Preferred Customers of Melaleuca.

0 2 Melaleuca Web-Only Promotion 美乐家网上促销 04 NEW CoreMega EPA/DHA 全新 EPA 关键鱼油 07 NEW Hidden Garden Peach Oolong Tea 全新 Hidden Garden 白桃风味乌龙茶 08 NEW Revive Air Care 全新 Revive 空气清新剂 10 NEW Sei Bella Bright Eyes Multi-Benefit Eye Treatment 全新水·贝娜亮采多元修护眼胶 12 Sei Bella Defining Waterproof Mascara + Definition 3-in-1 Brow Pencil 水·贝娜防水睫毛膏+旋转式三用眉笔

14 Fluoride Tooth Polish for Sensitive Teeth + Exceed Sugar-Free 敏感型净白含氟牙膏+超快感无糖薄荷锭 16 Product Bonus Program 产品红利 17 Lifetime VIP Promotion 尊荣忠诚会员特惠 20 Price List 产品价目表 24 Premium Gift 礼品赠送

2. Promotional period is between November 1st – 30th, 2017 on a “while stocks last” basis 3. A customer may exchange the promotional Melaleuca products (for the same products) only if they are defective. The Melaleuca Customer Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to promotion-based products. 4. Melaleuca reserves the right to change the promotional items and clause without prior notice. 5. Limited to 3 sets per Super Value promotion for each customer. 6. If there is any discrepancy, please refer to the English version as final. 7. Melaleuca 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to premium gift. No return or exchange is allowed unless the premium gift is defective. Any return or exchange must be done within 7 days of receiving the gift (invoice required). The gift is non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash or credit on account. 8. All products, application of services and renewal fees (membership/renewal of other services) are inclusive of 6% GST. 促销活动条款及条件 1.此促销活动只限于美乐家的优惠顾客。 2. 优惠期从2017年11月1日至30日,存货售完为止。 3.促销产品若有瑕疵可更换同样的产品。美乐家客户满意保障不适用于促销产品。 4.美乐家保留权利更改促销产品及条件,恕不另行通知。 5.每位优惠顾客只限于购买3组优惠产品。 6. 如内容有任何不符,请以英文版本为准。 7. 美乐家顾客满意保证不适用于本赠品活动。若非赠品本身瑕疵,恕不接受退换。 退、换货服务必须在收到赠品的7天内完成(必备收据以作核对)。 这份赠品不可转让或兑换现金。 8. 所有产品、服务和更新费用(会员/更新其他服务)已包含6%的消费税。

Sol-U-Guard Botanical Hand Wash Twin Pack (Any combination) 植物清香洗手液 (任二) SKU 4963 | Regular Price 普通售价: RM84.00 SAVE 33% 节省 Preferred Customer 优惠价格: RM56.00 (8pts)

GC Control Twin Pack 安恬葡安素双罐组 SKU 4210 | Regular Price 普通售价: RM332.00 SAVE 34% 节省 Preferred Customer 优惠价格:

RM220.40 (26Pts)

SAVINGS ADDITIONAL 额外 折扣 Promotional Price 促销价: RM43.90

SAVINGS ADDITIONAL 额外 折扣 Promotional Price 促销价: RM11.20

RM176.50 (19Pts)

RM44.80 (5Pts)

Information is correct at the time of printing, may be subject to changes. All images are for illustration purposes only. This publication is for internal circulation only. 讯息于印刷时是正确无误的。所有产品图片只供参考, 以实物为准。本出版刊物只供内部传阅。

Effective Apr 1st 2015, all products, application of services and renewal fees (membership/renewal of other services) are inclusive of 6% GST. Please refer to page 20-23 for the most updated price list. 于2015年4月1日起,所有产品、服务和 更新费用(会员/更新其他服务)已包含6%的消费税。最新的价格表,请参考第20-23页。

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