Cardiovascular Support 维持心血管健康: May reduce the risk of heart disease. Maintains healthy blood pressure and triglyceride levels in healthy individuals. 有助降低患心脏病的风险。维持健康的血压值和三酸甘油脂水平。

Rapid Recovery 快速恢复: Helps promote rapid recovery, even after intense activity. 即时在激烈运动后,也有助身体快速恢复。

CoreMega gets its EPA from highly concentrated fish oils—the forms of omega-3 that is most easily used by the human body for cardiovascular health. EPA关键鱼油 的EPA来自高浓缩鱼油—最 容易被人体使用的omega-3形态,有益于心血 管健康。

CoreMega uses oils sourced only from wild-caught, deep cold water fish that have high concentrations

of omega-3s. It also uses fish with short lifespans because

they are less likely to accumulate toxins. Ideal fish include anchovy, mackerel, herring, and salmon. EPA关键鱼油 选用来自野生捕获,高含 omega-3的深海鱼类;同时选用生命期较短 的鱼种,较不易累积重金属。理想的鱼种来 源包括,鲥鱼、鲭鱼、鲱鱼和鲑鱼。 CoreMega uses only fish oils that are purified and molecularly distilled using water, without solvents or excessive heat that could alter the oils. Independent auditors certify them to be free of any toxins or contaminants. EPA关键鱼油 除了选用最好的鱼油来 源,更以分子蒸馏方式精萃取代化学溶剂 或高温萃取,保有纯净的营养。独立审核师 证实它们不含任何毒素或污染物。

CoreMega contains 1000 mg EPA to provide targeted cardiovascular and activity-induced inflammation response. Read your labels carefully— some supplements may list 1,000–2,000 mg of fish oil, but the amounts of actual EPA may be much lower. EPA关键鱼油 含有1000mg EPA专门维持心血管和运动引起 的炎症反应。详细阅读产品标 签—一些营养补助品的标签可能 列明1,000-2,000mg的鱼油,但是 实际的EPA含量可能较低。

Better performance. Faster recovery. 更杰出的表现 , 更快速的恢复

Specifically formulated to promote rapid recovery and support cardiovascular health. 特调保健品,有助维持心血管健康,同时促进身体快速恢复。


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