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Do You Know About PHITs?

Do you have pain in your heels or the balls of your feet? Do your feet get sore at the end of your workday? Have you stopped exercising or other activities because your feet hurt? Ifyouansweredyestoany ofthequestionsabove,then there’s a good chance custom foot orthoticsmay help. We use a dynamic scan of your foot while walking or jogging to create a digital pressure map of your foot while you are using it. From this information we can then create a custom 3D Printed insert to correct for any problems we find. Most orthotics are made from a cast or scan of your foot while you are sitting or standing. But our orthotics are made based on how your foot functions when you are moving. We are taking advantage of the latest

technology and innovation in custom shoe inserts. Why use a rotary dial phone when smartphones are more accurate and useful? Whether it’s for walking, running, working, cycling, soccer, tennis, skiing, or snowboarding our affordable custom orthotics can help you be comfortable doing all the things you love to do. Check out the inside of the newsletter for information about patient pricing and scheduling for your pair of Phits today. WAPTistheonlyclinic inWAstatewithanFDAapproved dynamic gait scan to 3D printed custom orthotic. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today at info@ waptrehab.com or by calling 425-820-2110 .

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