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Do you have pain in your heels or the balls of your feet? Do your feet get sore at the end of your workday? Have you stopped exercising or other activities because your feet hurt? Ifyouansweredyestoany ofthequestionsabove,then there’s a good chance custom foot orthoticsmay help. We use a dynamic scan of your foot while walking or jogging to create a digital pressure map of your foot while you are using it. From this information we can then create a custom 3D Printed insert to correct for any problems we find. Most orthotics are made from a cast or scan of your foot while you are sitting or standing. But our orthotics are made based on how your foot functions when you are moving. We are taking advantage of the latest

technology and innovation in custom shoe inserts. Why use a rotary dial phone when smartphones are more accurate and useful? Whether it’s for walking, running, working, cycling, soccer, tennis, skiing, or snowboarding our affordable custom orthotics can help you be comfortable doing all the things you love to do. Check out the inside of the newsletter for information about patient pricing and scheduling for your pair of Phits today. WAPTistheonlyclinic inWAstatewithanFDAapproved dynamic gait scan to 3D printed custom orthotic. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today at info@ waptrehab.com or by calling 425-820-2110 .

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How To Solve Your Daily Aches & Pains

WHY AM I SO ACHY? Overexertion is a common reason for achiness or pain. Let’s say you decide to start up a new physical routine. You’ve never been much of a runner, but you want toget into it.So, thefirstdayyou run,youpushyourself toamile.Youdidn’t think it sounded like too much, but your body wasn’t used to it. Your legs were overworked,and the tissues inyourmusclesgot irritated,causing inflammation. Therefore, you wake up the next morning with sore legs. This is what happens when any part of your body is overworked. You may not notice it during the day while you’re moving, but inflammation can thicken overnight during inactivity, causing tissues to become inelastic. This can cause stiffnessorpain in themorning, typicallyeasingasyoumove throughout theday. However, the cause for stiffness isn’t always as cut and dry as, “I did an exercise I wasn’t used to so now I’m sore.” Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of your discomfort. That’s why it’s important to consult a physical therapist if your aches and pains persist.

Howdoyou feelwhenyouwakeup in themorning?Doesyourbody feelstiff, like a brick that’s been plastered to your bed? Is it difficult to move your arms, legs, back, etc., without feeling achy, sore, or even painful? Does it feel as if your body is moving in slow motion, your discomfort holding you back? Yourbodywasmade tomove.Prolongedperiodsof inactivitycancausemuscles and joints to constrict, resulting in pain or achiness - that’s why the mornings are typically the hardest for people experiencing these symptoms. However, the way that you live your daily life can also be a factor in daily aches and pains. Your body relies on certain physical responses to movement, such as posture, coordination, strength, blood pressure, etc. Everything you do has an impact on the way your body responds. If you live an inactive or unhealthy lifestyle, aches are certainly common. Conversely, if you have sustained an injury or strain from an overly-active lifestyle, aches will also be common. Whatever the case may be, physical therapists are here to help.Their sole focus ishelpingyouachieveyourhighest levelofcomfort. Ifyouareexperiencingdaily aches and pains that you just can’t seem to shake, give our office a call today.

Simple Tips For Aches Relief

inboth repairing itself frompainor injury,aswellasprovidingapreventative. Fruits and vegetables help your body in maintaining its normal functions. • Exercise regularly - Exercise allows your body to efficiently pump blood around your body. When you exercise on a consistent basis, muscles and joints remain warm, lowering the possibility of them becoming tight. • Keep a good posture - Slouching causes stress on the shoulders and neck, which can cause pain or achiness.  If you sit at a desk or computer, it is important to get up every 30 minutes for a few seconds to stretch. Moving aroundorsimplystandingupafterawhile isagreatway tomaintainagood posture, even if you don’t have a very active day. • Get a physical therapy consultation - If your aches and pains are persistent and aren’t going away despite your best efforts, it may be time to consult a physical therapist.They will help you determine the best course of action for your specific needs. HOW PHYSICAL THERAPY WILL HELP: A consultation with a physical therapist will allow you to address the issues that you’re facing. It isalwaysbetter tofigureout thecauseofyourpainearlyon, rather than waiting until it gets worse.The earlier you make an appointment, the easier the treatment will be. Your physical therapist will give you a muscle and joint evaluation todiscoverproblemareasanddetermineexactlywhatmaybecausing your aches and pains. From there, they will create a personalized treatment plan for you that will help alleviate your aches. They are dedicated to your progress andgenuinelywant toseeyou feelbetter -sowhywait?CallWashintongPhysical Therapy & Rehab today 425.820.2110!

If you’re looking for quick solutions to improve your health and relieve aches and pains, try these simple tips: • Sleep! - This is probably the easiest step you can take to relieve common aches. Your body chemistry is delicate, and not getting enough sleep can affect that.Thispreventsyourmusclesand tissues from functioningas they normally would, resulting in stiffness, soreness, or achiness. • Stay hydrated - Drinking water is an important part of living a healthy, pain- free life. When you are dehydrated, your tissues become drier, which slows downnormalchemicalprocesses inyourbody.Yourbody is70%waterand yourmusclesare80%water.Whenyoudon’tdrinkenoughwater,yourbody canbecomeachydue todryness. Inorder tostayhydrated,youshoulddrink 1/2 your body weight in ounces every day. • Maintainahealthydietof fruitsandvegetables -Fruitsandvegetableswith brightcolorsoftenhaveahigherconcentrationofantioxidantsandvitamins. Bykeepingtheseaconsistentpartofyourdiet,youcanbetterassistyourbody

Relieve Leg Pain In Minutes Try this movement to relieve leg pain


The goal of Sudoku is to fill in the numbers 1-9 exactly once in every row, column, and 3 x 3 region.

HAMSTRING STRETCH Lie on the floor in a doorway. Rest your leg against the wall. Scoot through the doorway until you feel a stretch up the back of your thigh. Hold for 6 seconds then repeat 10 times on both sides.

Alwaysconsultyourphysical therapistor physicianbeforestartingexercisesyouare unsureofdoing.


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