AMS Solution Series & Eliminator Hoods O&M

Operation & Maintenance Guide

Operation and maintenance begins with the proper start up, normally provided by your Lab Manager, Classroom Supervisor or EH&S personnel. A typical laboratory operating procedure addresses practices such as those suggested below. • Make sure the exhaust fan is operating prior to starting an experiment. • Keep experiments and equipment 6” or more from the front edge of the sash. • If possible, raise equipment off the counter top to facilitate air movement below. • Wear protective clothing such as safety goggles, gloves, and lab coasts. • Keep the sash closed except when loading or unloading the experiment. • Keep the sash window clean and clear. • Immediately clean up and major spills occurring inside the fume hood. • Remove all residues from the fume hood chamber once the experiment is complete. • Keep the light fixtures clean and replace the bulbs whenever necessary. It is recommended that a clear working environment be promoted for both safety and operation of the fume hood. It is the responsibility of the user to consult with the Lab Manager or Classroom Supervisor for additional lab safety procedures and practices. When conducting an experiment within the fume hood, it is the user’s responsibility to understand and follow the lab safety procedures and practices.

All spills inside the fume hood should be cleaned up immediately with a neutralizing compound as required by your facility manager. Spills must be flushed and cleaned thoroughly to ensure lab safety. Weekly Maintenance General maintenance or housekeeping should be done on a weekly basis. This consists primarily of cleaning the side walls, baffles, counter tops and sash of any dirt or debris that may have collected. All surfaces can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water. If a large amount of build up is present, a qualified laboratory technician should observe the contents and oversee the cleaning procedure to ensure the integrity and proper operation of the hood and the safety of lab personnel. Monthly Maintenance Glass, chain, sprocket, sash guides, and plumbing handles are the only parts that move on the fume hood. These items should be checked on a monthly basis to note and damage or excessive wear and tear. These parts should be replaced as soon as damage or excessive wear has been observed. The sash glass should be replaced if there are any chips, cracks or scratches that prevent a clear view of the interior of the fume hood.


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