BORN IN THE PHILIPPINES, Arianne Lemire used to dream of making $5.00 an hour. Now, after amass - ing wealth from investing in real estate, she is educating others on how to be not only financially secure, but able to “retire” on their terms earning passive income from real estate. That’s a far cry from five dollars. Lemire earned a master’s degree and became a speech pathologist, but after only two years she realized that was not the right career for her because it didn’t allow her the time she desired. She couldn’t see her family, travel, and do what she wanted to do. She and her husband began researching other career options that would afford them time and financial freedom. “We started buying rentals, then flipping houses, then bought multifamily rentals, and now passive income pays for all our needs, wants, and more. It’s been a crazy and rewarding journey!” she said. In just six short years in the REI industry, Lemire has invested in over 1,600 units, has rehabbed and/or whole - saled over 400 houses, and is educating other real estate investors on how to best manage their finances. Here is a glimpse further into the life of Arianne Lemire: What niche of REI do you prefer and why? “My favorite way to invest now is with passive multi - family investing. After years of building an active business with flipping and wholesaling, I now enjoy working on my passion projects - helping educate others about financial freedom. Investing passively in multifamily lets me only spend my time on what I truly want to spend time on.” What characteristics do you exhibit that have made you successful? “Life-long learning and reaching for excellence. There is so much to learn from others.” What is a trait you exhibit that has held you back, and did you change from recognizing it? “I used to be a “know it all.” I didn’t realize until I start - ed in real estate. I had to learn how to relate to sellers and help them come to a decision THEY wanted, not what I thought was best for them. I struggled talking to sell - ers initially was because I would almost force my specific “perfect solution” on them because I thought I knew best, instead of letting them come up with a solution them - selves. Once I realized that, it was a game changer. And that realization helped me in so many other areas too — it helped me become a better leader, better spouse, and better friend.”

Arianne Lemire Founder of Wealth Gym

20 | think realty magazine :: march 2021

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