is what I wanted to do. But after a while, I realized that I had a different purpose. Take time to find YOUR goal, YOUR dream, YOUR purpose.”

When things get tough, how do you get going? “I think about my loved ones and how blessed I am to have them. And I think about how I GET to live this amaz - ing life. Yes, there are challenges, but that’s because I’ve grown so much as a person, and with greater responsi - bilities come greater challenges. I have big goals, and big dreams of helping others, and I can’t expect the road to those big goals and dreams to come with small problems. They’re going to come with big problems! But that’s only going to make me a stronger person and I hope that the way I live my life will inspire others as well.” What is one of your professional goals for 2021 and how do you plan to achieve it? “One of my goals is to help 100+ people master their finances, keep more of their money, and fast track their way to “retiring” early like we’ve been able to do in our 20s. I plan to do that by continuing to build our company, Wealth Gym, creating systems and processes and bring - ing on more team members, and expanding our YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram presence.” What’s your greatest real estate investment success story? “My favorite one is our first multifamily property — a 24-unit 10 minutes from our home. The seller respond- ed to one of our mailers and we built a relationship and followed up for almost a year, and were able to negotiate and buy it. It took a year to renovate and stabilize, but that was our “proof of concept.” Now, it gets us five figures in passive income each month and because that one proved the concept, it opened doors to buying more multifamily units with partner investors.” Best advice for new investors? “Don’t go at it alone. It can be daunting and frustrating especially in the beginning if you don’t know anyone else who understands you. Make sure you find your tribe. It’s a whole lot better when you have others cheering you on.“ Best advice for seasoned investors? “Make sure you set your OWN goals and dreams for YOU and YOUR family. I think sometimes we follow some - one ELSE’s goals and dreams. We keep working and pushing and going in a direction and something is miss - ing. I have experienced this. I’ve looked at all the other successful people and thought that what they were doing

What can more women do better/differently to achieve greater success in real estate? “Know that you are amazing! I know how it can feel when you walk into a room and 80 percent of the attend - ees are men. You feel out of place. But I have learned that can be to our advantage. We get to stand out more! If you are confident and respect yourself, others can sense that and will show you the respect you deserve.” What strategies/tools within the real estate investing industry have helped you the most? “Empathy and sales skills. I know the world “sales” might sound weird to some. But I describe it as the high - est form of service. When we sell, we give everything we have to listening and understanding our customers, and we respond in a way that helps them get to their desired result. This applies not just to customers but to almost every relationship and interaction. If we can do what is best for our counterpart, that helps us get what we want as well. Defining our purpose and core values. In the begin - ning, we all start off doing deals, but at some point we create an organization, and until we defined our purpose and core values, it was always hard to make decisions on how to lead, manage, and hire team members. Defin - ing those really helped us realize what we were building and what for.”

Tell readers something surprising about yourself. “I met my husband on an online video game! Can’t get more nerdy than that!”


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