First Chapter Plus May 2023 Issue


Sayda Addleton is an Australian author who started writing at the age of twelve years old and hasn’t stopped. As an aspiring author, her style of writing has been influenced by all that is around her from reading fantasy, romance and poetry to playing Dungeons and Dragons to listening to music and just being present in life. Her writing voice is a bit chaotic but so is her life. When she isn’t balancing work, university and some type of a social life, she is sitting in a pile of blankets with a nice cup of chai latte either reading or watching some Dungeons and Dragons.

85 What do you enjoy most about the creative process? And the least? What I enjoyed the most was the entire creative process, from forming ideas all the way to publishing the book. I will say that I find it quite difficult to ‘sell’ myself in marketing so that part has always been the most difficult. Are all of your poems based on personal experiences? What stages of your life have most influenced your writing? All the poems were written from experiences I had to go through. While the poems themselves have a poetic flare and unique callouts to particular cultural, they are all still quite real and raw. Hi Jayda, welcome to Reader Views! Tell us about your writing journey. Hello, thank you so much for interviewing me, I hope you are doing well. I wrote my first poem back in 2013 when I was roughly 12 years old. struggling to find a purpose in life after many bad experiences, I tried to express my emotions; the only way I could was through poetry/writing. What is Unspoken Emotions about? Unspoken Emotions is a collection of poems detailing what it is like to live through a very unstable first relationship while also battling with anxiety, depression, PTSD and what/who I am. What inspired you to write this book? My inspiration for this book was different from how normal inspirations happen. I needed a place to feel safe and finally felt heard so for me, that was my writing space. How did this collection develop? This developed mainly in the years between 2018-2021. Within this time period, I was struggling to figure out my own emotions because I wasn’t truly allowed to feel what I wanted to feel.


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