First Chapter Plus May 2023 Issue

What are some of the different poetic forms used in Unspoken Emotions ? Do you have a favorite? Are there different forms do you want to explore going forward? There is a mixture of poetic forms that are used, from prose to free verse, yet I don’t fully believe that poetry truly needs a form to work. I’ve studied multiple different types of poetic forms, yet for poems to work for me, writing from the heart is what works well for me. What message are you hoping to convey to readers through your poetry? The message I'm hoping to convey is that you can make it through some traumatic times. But I also want to convey that everyone lives through difficult times so be careful of others. Why do you think poetry and reading are powerful ways to process emotions? Poetry can help process emotions, but allows true feelings and vulnerability to seep through. With some techniques and wordplay, you can convey much more than just a simple sentence or picture. Imagery and movies, for this situation, would make connecting with the emotions a bit more difficult as the reader can't put themselves into the poems if there is an image of – let's say me, who doesn’t look like most people – would bring the viewer out of the immersion. What challenges have you encountered when writing such vulnerable themes, and how have you worked to overcome them? One of the hardest issues I faced was reliving the memories. For me to properly feel the emotions I wanted to evoke, I had to put myself back into the memories and the times where I was, possibly, at a super low in my life. This is both mentally and emotionally tiring.

Do you have a favorite from your collection? Which one is it and why? What is it you love and Stages of Falling out of Love are my top picks for this collection.

85 What do you like to read and which authors have inspired your own work as a poet and a writer? My reading mainly consists of fantasy with sprinkles of other genres, from books like A Brief History of Time to the Shadow Hunter universe to LOTR, and anything by Shakespeare and Ali Hazelwood books. The authors that have inspired me are William Shakespeare, Amanda Lovelace, Cassandra Claire, Holly Black, and so much more. What is one thing you wish you knew when you started out? Just h ow much of a push you will get from people. Life will throw you a lot of curve balls and it up to you on if you hit them out of the way, dodge them or simply get pummeled by the m. What is it you love has my favorite line that I still think about to this day – Do you love your world for its core and all or just the surface? This line I adore because it stills hold true to this day. I tend to wonder if people love the illusion of me or if they actually give a shit about who I truly am at all. Stages of Falling out of Love, has such a deep emotional connection with it. I can feel the anger and minor rage with spit filled with venom as I read this poem over and over again. The one part I love is - Don’t need to taste your brain, Because it will spoil my appetite, I'll rip your heart out and eat it, Just so I can feel some emotions. The accuracy of what I felt and the descriptive words used helps to paint such a beautiful image; it makes me so happy. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book? What surprised me was how long it takes from writing a manuscript to it being released. It takes such a long time with multiple emails and meetings, it surprised me.


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