Marshall Orthodontics - Q3 2021

Are the Cartoons Your Kids Watch Actually Made for Kids?

With the many streaming platforms out there, kids have access to a more diverse array of content than ever before. That being said, parents need to be extra vigilant about which shows and videos are captivating their children’s attention, particularly when it comes to cartoons. Cartoons on their own aren’t bad for kids. In fact, enjoying them in moderation can have myriad benefits for a child’s development. They can bring laughter and relieve stress, engage a child’s imagination, help them develop their language skills, and teach them about topics ranging from mathematics to social skills. The best cartoons can be bright, colorful, funny stories that help children learn and grow. That said, though, not all cartoons are for kids, nor do they teach good lessons. Many cartoon characters encourage violence and speaking rudely to teachers and other authority figures. Additionally, with adult animation becoming more popular in recent years, many of the cartoons available on TV, streaming services, and YouTube are explicitly not for children.

So, how can parents make sure the cartoons their kids are watching are safe, wholesome, and educational?

In recent years, as YouTube has continued to amass countless hours of video content — much of it geared toward children — they’ve developed YouTube Kids, their streaming site for children under the age of 13. This site isn’t airtight, however, and disturbing content can sometimes slip through the cracks. Parents might also find value in sticking to certain channels or streaming services, such as PBS Kids, Nick Jr., or Disney+. There are also organizations like the Parents and Television Media Council, whose website,, can help parents determine which cartoons are okay for their kids to watch. Ultimately, the best way to ensure cartoons are safe is to watch with your kids. After all, this turns a solitary activity into one where parents can learn, laugh, and bond with their children.

Enjoying This Newsletter? Thank Taylor! Meet Our Fantastic Marketing Coordinator

The newsletter you’re holding in your hands right now only exists because of one person: our awesome marketing coordinator, Taylor Smith! Taylor has been with us for almost two years now, and she runs all of our marketing efforts like a pro. If you see our team post on social media, discover a newsletter in your mailbox, or come across an ad for Marshall Orthodontics online, that’s all Taylor. “I help put together all the marketing for the office, anything from sponsorships to events, digital marketing campaigns, social media, etc.,” Taylor says. “I also handle all the new patient leads that come in from social media or our website — basically anything you can think of marketing-wise.” Marketing might seem like a dry field to some people, but Taylor loves her work. She graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Business Management, and during college, the marketing courses were her all-time favorites.

“I love being able to watch the practice grow through the work that I do. Watching my marketing efforts come to life is so exciting. I enjoy seeing everything happen from the back end!” she says. When Taylor isn’t working, you can find her spending time with her boyfriend Jay, cheering on Clemson at football games, working out at the gym, or reading mystery novels. Her hobbies keep her just as busy outside of the office as we keep her in it. Although Taylor has never worked in orthodontics before, she fit in right away. In fact, she’s doing such good work that we recently expanded her role to cover insurance as well! This is a big deal, since we don’t trust just anyone to handle our patients’ important insurance documents and details. Taylor is smart, responsible, and a joy to work with — we’re lucky to have her.


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