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DidYouJust Suffer a Sprainor aStrain?

You’ve probably had a sprain or strain at some point in your life. Chronic sprainsandstrainsarenotgoodas they lead to lastingproblemssuchas weakness and joint damage. However, did you know that being strong, flexible and having good posture can go a long way to stopping sprains and strains? Sprains and strains are extremely common injuries to the musculoskeletal system. What is a sprain? A sprain is an injury that overstretches or tears a ligament (tissue that connects bone to bone), which provides joints their stability. A severely damaged ligament during an injury or accident can cause a joint to become unstable. Symptoms may include pain, inflammation and in

some cases, the inability to move a joint (elbow, wrist or shoulder). Sprains occur when a joint is forced beyond its normal range of motion, such as bending your wrist back during a fall. If you still have pain from a past injury, this is probably because you never fully recovered from the sprain or the joint is unstable. Sprains can be mild, or they can be traumatic, such as with a fall or with an on-the-field injury . What is a strain? A strain is an injury that overstretches or tears muscles or tendons (connects muscles to bones). A strain typically occurs at the point where the muscle is becoming a tendon and is stretched too fast, then suddenly contracts, as with quickly grasping for a falling heavy object.

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DoYouHaveShoulder, ElboworWristPain? You try to get through the day, but that nagging pain in your shoulder, elbow or wrist just keeps your attention focused on it. It sure is hard to concentrate on work, your family and other activities you need to do! We can help you get back to living!

It is common to fixate on that body part that hurts. The thought is that because it hurts there, the problem is right there! However, this is often not the cause. You see, the body part that is painful is usually the one that is doing all the work, because other areas are not doing their job. The body is truly amazing and all the parts work together as one whole, most of the time. However, when an area of your body becomes weak or stiff because it was abused from poor posture, stress or injury, even an old one, other areas strain from the overwork to pick up the slack.Acommonword that isused for this type of repetitive injury strain is called “tendonitis”. This is simply an inflammation of the tendons of that area, which attach muscles to bones. For example, a very common complaint is tennis elbow and even pain in the forearm or

forearmmuscles to overwork. As this happens over time, you start to notice aches and pains inyourwristandelbow. If thisgoeson too long, it becomes severe and you seek out medical help. Typically a brace may be put on the area, but that is not where the problem is, right? It’s because your shoulder was stiff and weak fromyourslouching.Ourhighly trainedphysical therapistswillbeable to identify faultypostures and poor compensation patterns. With a comprehensive evaluation and individualized treatment plan, you can be back to doing what you like todo,quicklyandeasily.Theeducation you receive about your injury and its cause will help you to stay healthy moving forward and hopefully, prevent future injury. Give us a call today if your shoulder, elbow or wrist is hurting, we can help!

wrist area. However, why is this happening in the first place?

The upper extremity works in 3 parts, the shoulder, elbow and wrist. They rely on each othertomakethe incrediblemovementsofyour arm so you can reach grasp and do ordinary daily tasks we take for granted. They rely on your posture to be good in order to function properly. When you slouch or sometimes do a repetitive task, like reaching across your desk, certainmusclescanbecome too tightorstrong while others become weak. This muscle imbalance leads to that area not working as well as it should. For example, you sit at a desk all day and you slouch your shoulders. Now, your shoulder doesn’t work as well, but you still move your mouse around with your arm, which causes your wrist and

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Green Juices And Smoothies For years we have seen a surge in the number of people who drink healthy green juices. However, we think that green juices and smoothies will be an even bigger hit in 2018, easily becoming one of the trendiest ways to stay healthy. These juices and smoothies are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, which makes them very nutritious. Here are some good smoothie recipes we recommend you try. Mix a number of different fruits and vegetables to your own liking: • Tropical green smoothie made from bananas, papaya, and pineapple • Apple, spinach and carrot juice • The avocado-pear smoothie • Basil-avocado smoothie • Cranberry pineapple smoothie We hope this tip will inspire you to stay healthy in 2018!

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Picanha is the most popular cut of steak in Brazil. (see picture). They leave the fat on the steak to add flavor while it roasts over a live fire (See picture). In the U.S., it is called top sirloin cap. So here is my attempt at a Brazilian steakhouse. I asked the butcher for top sirloin cap with the fat still on it. He was surprised, but agreed, fat equals flavor. It came as one large steak that I cut. The butcher can do it for you. Rub the steak with olive oil and then season with coarse salt and fresh cracked pepper. I skewered the steaks to hang in my Pitbarrel Cooker (PBC). I used the PBC since I was cooking steaks, chicken, and sausages for the everyone. If you were only doing steaks, you could use a rotisserie attachment for your grill. Use an instant-read thermometer to check the temp of the steaks. I go for 135’ for a medium doneness. If you like medium rare cook to 125. In addition to the steaks I did chicken thighs, sausages, grilled veggies and roasted potatoes. The chicken is seasoned with olive oil, thyme, rosemary, and lemon zest. I hang the chicken just like the steak. This is a great way to cook for a big group. Be sure to check out the pictures and see the steaks, chicken and sausage cooking in the PBC.

Try this movement if you have arm or shoulder pain. Relieve Pain In Minutes Lower Fiber Traps | Prone Try this movement if you have arm or shoulder pain.

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Lie on your stomach with arms at your side. Slightly bring your shoulder blades together.

Strengthens Arms

“When I started my PT I had severe pain in my right shoulder and could not raise my arm. I Had difficulty washing my hair, ironing clothes and doing normal household chores. After several weeks of PT with Dr. Steve, I can do my household chores and the pain is gone.” - Rosalin Pereira

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