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The Next Chapter of My Life

When I retired, my first impression about my new lifestyle was that I no longer needed a calendar. When you’re not working, every day is Saturday — of course, you still need to remember when you’re playing golf and which day is trash day. I guess I’m not entirely calendar-free, but I definitely don’t have to check and update my schedule every morning. My lovely wife, Joanne, has adapted well to my stay-at-home status, but I don’t think she quite realizes how important piddling is to retirees. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “piddling” is the art of looking very busy but accomplishing very little. The most accomplished retirees can piddle all day. I haven’t attained that status yet, but you better believe I’mworking toward it. In fact, the only degree I’m pursuing in retirement is my Ph.D. in piddling. I spend several days a week up in Ola, where we have a cabin on SquawCreek. It’s the perfect place for me to get away and relax, especially as an avid fly fisherman for over 60 years. SquawCreek offers the ideal fishing environment, with plenty of solitude and 18- inch native rainbow trout. I share the cabin with Joanne, assorted family members, bald eagles, and bluebirds. Occasionally, we’ll have an adventurous cougar stop by for an afternoon or evening. The human residents of Ola are even more wonderful than the animals. They are friendly folks with a penchant for earthy, sagacious advice. “The only reason to ride a bull is to meet a nurse,” “Don’t let your yearnings exceed your earnings,” “Never ask your barber if you need a haircut,” and “Always drink upstream from the herd,” are just a few of the most memorable pearls of wisdom I’ve heard in casual conversation. In August, I’ll be traveling to La Paz, Mexico, for a fishing trip of an altogether different nature. The lines will be deep in the water in hopes of luring some roosterfish, tuna, dorado, and sailfish. These trips have become something of a yearly ritual for me, and I always look forward to them. If I still had my old calendar, I’m sure they’d be circled in red ink.

Dr. Courtial and the catch of the day.

titles they discuss. I also spend a great deal of time with my seven grandchildren. If Joanne and I had known howmuch fun being a grandparent was years ago, we would’ve had grandkids before children — is that possible with modern science? Do I miss dentistry? The answer to that is a hard “yes and no.” I don’t miss the stress, which Brenda and Julie deftly managed for decades — I still don’t know how they did it. Plenty of laughter, which is the best antidote for stress, certainly helped in that regard. However, I do miss the great family of patients who I got to know on a personal level during my 45-year journey. I reminisce about those relationships often and sincerely appreciate the memories you have given me. I want to give a shoutout to Dr. Thomason and his staff for the smooth transition. It makes me sleep better at night knowing that all of you are in competent, caring hands. Dentistry has been a challenging and rewarding profession for me, which is more than I could’ve ever asked for. Thank you all for being such an integral part of it. See you on the golf course, ski slope, trout stream, in the gym, or hunting on the hills. Retirement’s been a blast so far. If I could only figure out who’s sending me burial insurance emails, I’d be all set.

–Dr. Joel Cou rtia l

When I’m not fishing, you can probably find me with a book in my hand. I watch CSPAN’s book programs and hunt down the

P.S. Floss ‘em if you got ‘em!


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