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NANCY LYNNE HARRIS This special cover story is dedicated to the wonderful and strong woman— that is Nancy Lynne Harris, and her inspiration for her published works.

Senior pastor of Holy Trinity Worship Center International, located in Washington, DC. His biblical studies began over thirty years ago, when he was ministering to inmates, in drug rehabs, and on various platforms spreading God’s truth to both Jew and Gentile alike. He is an author, counselor, inspirational speaker and community organizer. Bishop Woods carries the heart of God and a deep concern for His children.

Lift Up Your Heads Oh Ye Gates is a timely clarion call to both leaders and laymen alike, those spoken of in Acts 2:17 (KJV),

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

This presents a vivid reflection and confirmation of God’s declaration concerning Himself.

...I am God, and there is none like me; Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done... (Isaiah 46:9b-10a, KJV)

As you journey with the author through the pages of this book, you will find yourself deeply engrossed and highly captivated by biblical facts that clearly show that Jesus was never an afterthought. From Genesis to the time of His birth, He was always at the forefront of God’s magnificent plan. Moreover, we can follow that same plan, as it sheds light on our obvious presence in the mind of God as well. With the inclusion of the Hebrew nation both launching and sustaining the church’s history, it becomes apparent that this master design could only come from one whose ways are way past finding out. Discover gifts that you never realized you had or, up until this point, never had the courage to exercise. Dr. Woods will challenge you to take this journey in your quest for the truth and, more importantly, your new uninhibited walk with Christ.


206 pages

$ 16.99 Paperback

$ 9.99 eBook



Michael’s Eyes asks the question, What was the meaning of a miracle whereby a man born blind is given sight; and what was the meaning of the miracle-man’s death at the hands of the authorities; and why did some believe in God’s purposes while others did not? Michael, the man born blind, goes on a search for answers with his wife’s encouragement. After considering the miracles in both their lives, Michael and his remarkable wife arrive at their own conclusions.

$ 12.99 Paperback

$ 2.99 eBook

122 pages



The story of Jonah and the city of Ninevah is a parable of judgment and justice. It is about the struggle of one man to bring judgment on a wicked society contrary to God’s plan for mercy.

$ 5.99

54 pages

Paperback 9781497316188

$ 15.95 Paperback

$ 9.99 eBook

140 pages



A story of family division in which Thomas, confused in a conflict of doubt and belief, escapes from a family crisis into his work planning for the development of Steelworks Communities until he is forced to consider the schism between himself and his own father. “How could it be that this lad had forced me into a position where I must confront my own denials and the gulf I had created between myself and my father?”, Thomas asks himself. Robert W. Foster

Scientific, archaeological, and historical evidence support the Christian worldview. Modern astronomy reveals a created cosmos, with the earth as a privileged planet. The inadequacies of evolutionary theory are explained. Intelligent design and creation are superior explanations for the origin of life and the appearance of complex living organisms. Ancient Assyrian records confirm many people, places, and events of the Bible. Ancient manuscripts confirm the Bible was preserved accurately throughout history. Historical evidence supports belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Defending Your Faith: Facts and Reasons for the Christian Worldview ~ Arturo Ortiz ~

290 pages

$ 29.99 Paperback

$ 9.99 eBook


Men and Women Changing Role of Domestic Violence BERTHA PULLIAM-CARLSON

The focus discuses violence against women and men. This is a global problem that affects both industrialized and non-industrialized nations worldwide. This mean that gender- related violence crosses many path. These include sexual assault, spousal abuse, sexual harassment, coerced sterilization and childbearing. Other are criminalized abortion and female circumcision.

$ 15.99 Paperback

$ 24.75 Hardback

$ 3.99 eBook

58 pages



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EC MAGAZINES Special Edition • Christmas Edition

BOOK FAIRS 2022 Frankfurt Book Fair October 19-23

Las Vegas Book Festival October 22

It was the summer of 1939, and school-aged friends Ivan Kranofsky and Hyman Goldenstein have no worries in the world except how to capture the attention of the beautiful Brenda Cropsky. But by September, their modest lives are shattered as Nazi tanks push through their small town of Bruzgi, Poland destroying everything in their wake. Apprehended by Nazi soldiers and assumed to be Jewish because of his friendship with Hyman, Ivan is sent off with his friend into a subhuman existence of humiliation, terror and forced labor. Treated Like a Jew is a story of hope and courage in the face of one of the world’s darkest chapters. It’s a story of how through the power of love and friendship, the will to survive can defeat the fear of death.

Treated As A Jew Burt Jagolinzer

212 pages

$ 15.00 Paperback



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EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022

Nightlight is a personal and professional story of Cara Lee Barker. She wrote her experiences of struggles, pains, and heartbreaks and how she navigated from them. As she experienced the toughest times, discovering and using our own voices and being the best of ourselves are some of the powerful principles that Cara laid down to transcend from our everyday earthly battles. As Cara had experienced loss, trauma, and grief—makes this book is relevant to readers experiencing the same heartbreaks and life’s hardest adversities. Living your life, and finding your way is the truest intent of this experiential guidance book. This book is NOT for those who love listening to whining, victim stories, and toxicity. This is for those who are lovers and seekers, those who experience this life as a beautiful journey in times of both happiness and pain, those who wish accompaniment, and those who honor true stories for the guidance they provide, for we each are natural storytellers, after all, as have been our people from the beginning of time. Dr. Cara Lee Barker, Ph.D, ARNP

$ 24.99 Paperback

$ 2.99 eBook

352 pages



beautiful world

ASHION HAS ALWAYS BEEN BIG DEAL IN THE world. With the social media taking place all over the sphere, ultimately fashion puts a mark not just from years past but right now where everything is just a tap away. The flair has always been stronger what with the talented showcased around the world to prove that creativity flourished the way it should be. Exactly this issue came to be—up and coming style and how we can evolve the tasteful eyes of the many. On our cover is Nancy Lynne Harris, who graces us with her inspiration of her published works. We also have come up with a fashionable icon, the late Her Majesty The Queen and how she made a mark in the world of fashion through her immaculate and impalpable dresses and even majestic hats. Talk about how her fashion evolved from the day she was crowned monarch up to the day we have seen her continue wearing her signature styles. And talking about styles, is the sustainability style we wanted to impart through economic fashion. Speaking of which, to the much recently concluded fashion weeks, we have put up our best picks of the season—talk about elegance, beauty and sophistication. You see, the world, as we know, has not been very kind in terms of injustices and all that shenanigans, but one thing remains true–no matter how, no matter what went through or what’s going on, with all our creative juices overflowing, it is still a beautiful world. F



EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022

His Heart Captured by a Tongan Beauty is a riveting, winding journey through the Tongan community of Oakland, California. Biracial Police Officer Gideon Thompson comes to understand and appreciate his Tongan roots when he falls in love with Tilisa Tokelau, a beautiful teacher with a heart as big as the island her people came from. Along the way, Officer Thompson survives a pit bull attack, foils an armed robbery, and rebuffs the unwanted advances of his cheating ex-fiancee. Readers unfamiliar with Tongan culture will enjoy learning about Anga Faka Tonga or what it means to be a Tongan while following the travails of Tilisa as she works as a toua (a kind of barmaid), serving men the indigenous, intoxicating beverage kava. In the course of this duty, she attracts the attention of a local drug dealer later implicated in a string of killings. That’s when Officer Thompson comes to the rescue. Charlotte Lavender Fonua

$ 14.95 Paperback

$ 9.99 eBook

116 pages


Molecules may not take time to consider their purpose in the universe, but when they combine into systems like us, the thoughts that arise in our minds have structures akin to the matter that makes them. Now our minds, perhaps born from accidental creativity, can intentionally assemble marvelous new things to better our lives and the world. Think Like a Molecule Chuck Champlin

$ 8.99

$ 28.95 Hardback

$ 3.99 eBook

108 pages

Paperback 9781480865624



WAND Chuck Champlin

$ 8.99

$ 14.99 Hardback

$ 3.99 eBook

174 pages

Paperback 9781643146751



“Wand”: What magic can we make in this crazy world? Chris Walkman has an unusual problem: he’s just been given $20,000 to make the world a better place, starting right in his hometown, Los Angeles of the 1990’s. He’d better try something for real, or a not-so-little indiscretion at his previous job might become a bigger issue. So, fueled by the magic of the money and his overactive imagination, he sets to work, hires a homeless man as a co-pilot, and sets out to change things for the better. His key insight: the pen and television broadcast antennas are wands that can still make magic in our time.

$ 14.00 Paperback

$ 9.00 eBook

144 pages


Dr. Savanna Boudreaux knows about life in prison. She’s taught inmates in one for many years. What she wasn’t prepared for was the world outside the prison walls. When a controversial change in legislation is proposed, a chain of events is started that no one could have seen coming. As mysterious and supernatural events start to unfold, Boudreaux and her closest allies must work together to stop the unthinkable before it’s too late. But how can they stop what they can’t see and what many don’t believe in?

The Auction Block Cicely R. Jaubert

This month, we’re dishing out the united colors of fashion and how it can impact the rest of the year. Plus, a dose of everything brand new during the fashion week that happened in London this month. WHAT’S UP? by Ryan Karl Tallo


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022


Incorporating live plants onto garments is no easy feat but Spanish textile designer Paula Ulargui Escalona made this seemingly impossible idea grow possible. As creative director Jonathan Anderson puts it, this is a ‘fusion of the organic and the fabricated’. Months of experimentation with which fabrics and plants to work with led to the creation of the collection which was grown in a polytunnel 20 days ahead of the show. Constantly looking for a way to grow the plants without damaging the fabric was a recurring challenge in the process. Nevertheless, the gamble of Loewe to work with living plants yielded extraordinary turnouts as a result of Ulargui Escalona’s

years spent in perfecting the technique. Anderson and Ulargui Escalona have a shared goal of stressing how it is time to reconnect with nature and how it is to truly understand sustainability in fashion. SPROUT AND ABOUT Loewe’s Spring/Summer 2023 debuts a sprouting reimagined union of nature and fashion.

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EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022


MANGO rope belt with round buckle

APPLE iPhone 13 Pro in alpine green

ZARA high-waisted pants

BOTTEGA VENETA Mini The Pouch Leather Clutch

Several bold shades of the color green have been making rounds on runways and in collections this year making it a breakout star for designers and stylists alike. At the forefront of the revolution is Bottega Venetta exploring a story of clothing and character. GREEN REVOLUTION


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022

The Adventures of Zeek and Gator Curtis Booher Zeek is a very intelligent, mischievous, and sly raccoon who’s only concern is surviving. He prowls around at night looking for food and doesn’t have a problem with getting into places he is not supposed to be. He is very tough and not afraid of much of anything but will avoid a fight if he can. Gator on the other hand is a very tough and ready to fight hound that hunts raccoons at his owner’s pleasure. Stretch is a very skilled raccoon hunter that raises top quality hounds with Gator being his very best.

$ 8.16

$ 23.36 Hardback

$ 2.99 eBook

44 pages

Paperback 9781954371019



HOT PINK BARBIECORE Hot pink is undeniably the hottest color of the year. From Valentino to Jacquemus, this summer has seen its most vibrant head-to-toe shade.


VALENTINO wool-silk bralette top

THE LAST LINE 14K Yellow Gold Ruby Stackable Ring


FERRAGAMO trifolio shoulder bag

OTHER STORIES Mock Neck Sweater

NATURALIZER flora dress slide

COS Wide-Leg Tailored Trousers


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022 22

252 pages

$ 9.99 eBook

$ 19.99 Paperback

$ 29.99 Hardback




Spring has sprung its most saturated hue as dopamine dressing takes the spotlight in the fashion world. Proenza Schouler’s bold orange monochrome suit and Versace’s mesh orange dress are just some that lit up Spring 2022. BRIGHT ORANGE

BOTTEGA VENETA stretch lace up sandal

BOTTEGA VENETA cassette bag

Gianvito Rossi Monza driver loafers at BERGDORF GOODMAN

RIVER ISLAND Structured Double Breasted Blazer

NOMASEI orange trench loafers

H&M cut out detail pants


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022

Beast of Bengal Elaine Pinkerton

Beast of Bengal is a World War II thriller and poignant romance set in the unlikely China-Burma-India Theatre. As the war rages, U.S. and British soldiers fight their own battles in the steamy jungles of Burma. But, in an American military hospital in Calcutta, something terrible is amiss. This historical fiction features the internecine battles for Indian independence between those advocating the violent removal of Westerners and those loyal to Mohandas Gandhi.

$ 17.95 Paperback

$ 8.95 eBook

234 pages



MAC Atlantic Blue Eyeshadow


LOEWE Show D-Frame Visor Sunglasses

PRADA Celeste Brushed Leather slingback pumps

MARNI Shopping Logo-Jacquard Tote Bag and Leather Pouch

Making waves on the runway is this jolting shade of blue that designers can’t get enough of. This joyous vibrant hue will surely tickle happy hormones inducing deep and radiant smiles. PACIFIC OCEAN BLUE

VETEMENTS blue hoodie

EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022 26

A young girl, barely alive, washes up on a beach near the Indian ruins of Mahabalipuram. Thus begins a journey of discovery for Richard and Rita Benet accompanied by an artifact of the elephant God Ganesh. Equal parts self-actualization, travelogue, and mystery/adventure story, The Hand of Ganesh dives deep into several American protagonists’ curiosities about India. As the multi-generational story progresses, two young women remain obsessed with finding their birthmothers; one from Santa Fe, New Mexico and the other born in India itself. The pair are compelled to travel to the Subcontinent. Amidst the backdrop of the world’s largest gathering of humanity, the Kumbha Mela, Clara and Arundati embrace their moment and decide together how to process their respective beginnings.


$ 21.95 Paperback

$ 9.99 eBook

290 pages



GORE-TEX Purple Tapered Bucket Hat

APPLE iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max in deep purple

MARC JACOBS Purple Tote Bag


VALENTINO Spring 2022

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Hot Chick 100 metallic leather pumps

Blue-tinted or kinda-pink, the color purple has been a craze in fashion in all shades from casual to glam having its very own moment. Spiced up in monotone or a compliment pop-up, a little purple will give style a regal touch. THE COLOR PURPLE

EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022 28

EC Magazines | London-Tucson Edition 2022 29


Adidas Alphaskin 2.0 headband

The North Face Women’s Jester backpack

Varley Davidson stretch- jersey sweatshirt

J. Crew women’s cashmere trouser socks

W&P Porter glass water bottle

Tory Burch printed weightless racerback bra and bike shorts

Alo Yoga Warrior yoga mat

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge Premium training shoes

Fitness never knew seasons. May it be indoor or outdoor situations, we’ve curated fitness essentials you must cop to stay motivated while working out in style. FITNESS FASHION


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022


5. DAKOTA SCHIFFER Being the first openly trans queen at the time of competing, Dakota Schiffer has already shown that she has a lovely character which transcends her beauty and looks. With a refreshing polished presentation, Dakota definitely came to the competition in mint condition! 4. JONBERS BLONDE For 14 years, Jonbers Blonde has been an established queen at the Northern Ireland drag scene. Her drag experience brings forth a marriage of new style and the classics. Because as she says, ‘blonde isn’t just a haircut, it’s a lifestyle!’ 3. DANNY BEARD Right off the bat, Danny Beard serves uniqueness and personality being the first bearded queen to compete on Drag Race UK and the seventh on the whole franchise. With her combination of strategy and style, will daddy be home with the crown? 2. CHEDDAR GORGEOUS Quirk and camp is how Cheddar Gorgeous presents her drag. Combining a bit of fun with a dash of otherworldliness had us wanting to see more of her. Intrigued? We all will be. 1. BLACK PEPPA Elevating the surprise factor in an entrance look without sacrificing comfort is what Black Peppa came for in the season premiere. After winning the first mini and maxi challenge of the season, she is definitely a queen to watch out for.

Cheddar Gorgeous

Black Peppa

Danny Beard

Dakota Schiffer

Jonbers Blonde

With RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 4 off to a new start, we pick our first five fave queens based on initial impressions from entering the werk room to the first runway! CONDRAGULATIONS!


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022

Memories of a Jewish Girl from Brooklyn invites readers to experience events in Helene’s life. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, sharing her life with family, friends and interesting characters in all sorts of experiences! Most importantly she taught all her students non-prejudice! They learned how to share their lives with others no matter their race, religion or color. “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover!” They had special events to prepare for a better future!

121 pages

$ 12.95 Paperback

$ 26.95 Hardback

$ 9.99 eBook





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NANCY LYNNE HARRIS This special cover story is dedicated to the wonderful and strong woman— that is Nancy Lynne Harris, and her inspiration for her published works.


from her hip shortly after the suicide death of her son Jeffrey. She realized she felt so disconnected from her son who had died, that her bones separated in response to her intense feelings of separation. By consciously thinking, “Nothing can separate me from the love of God,” her bones reconnected perfectly. She has completed advanced training in Theta Healing, and was recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for excellence in energy medicine. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Music Theory and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Piano Performance. She is Nationally Certified as a Teacher of Piano.

ANCY LYNNE HARRIS, M.A., shaman and spiritual teacher, is the founder of GodSpirits United, LLC, a company that

Light Energy that can be controlled by learning to monitor our feelings. The specific words you think regulate and control specific organs in your body. Through workshops, webinars and teleseminars, she teaches you how to discover and reverse your negative attitudes to make positive changes in your health. When she realized that her understanding of how Jesus moved energy was the key to healing medically incurable illness, she asked Spirit to let her serve. She healed her son Michael of congenital glaucoma, which the doctors said could not be medically healed. She healed herself when her left leg bone disconnected

helps people recover from medically incurable illness and addictions by teaching them how to shift their energy for healing. She offers shamanic treatments, counseling, books, and workshops. Nancy is a graduate of The Four Winds Society, the world’s most extensive professional training in Andean energy healing and shamanism, founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. She has also studied with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada. She teaches that at the essential level we are each made of


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022



We got a chance to talk to this well-beloved author. Let’s get to know more on what inspires her and how she continues to be an inspiration to everyone. My eighteen year old son Michael was killed in a car accident six days after his 18th birthday. I went into depression for the next eight years. I saw doctors, counselors, psychiatrists, took endless pills, and nothing helped at all. Then I found the answer. The way Tell us more about yourself and how you have decided to publish a book. to heal depression is by raising your spiritual elevation. Most people do not understand this concept or have any idea how to achieve it. It requires no pills. You must change the way you think about yourself. What or who inspired you to write this book? Our world is full of people who drink, use drugs, commit suicide, kill other people and suffer from depression. I know the spiritual answers to the questions people ask about how to live successfully in this world and be mentally well without drinking or using drugs. Usually how long does this book finish? I have written five books so far, three on how to heal mental illness without medicine. A book does not have to be long and thick. It does need to provide useful information to solve problems for people who find no answers anywhere else in spite of all the people advertising assistance. Describe to us a typical day for Nancy. I always have too much to do, and not enough help or time to get it done. What do you do when you’re not writing? I have a Master’s Degree in Piano so I also teach piano and love to work with children of all ages.

What one thing would you give up to become a better writer? There are always too many other things to do besides writing. I would like to give up all the problems in life, but that way I might not learn anything. It is through having our challenges that we work out the answers. What is the most challenging part of your artistic process? Finding time to write is my biggest challenge. There are always too many other things to do. Does your family support your career as a writer? My family does not support or discourage me from writing. They have not had the training in spiritual healing that I have had, so our levels of spiritual understand are far removed. I am a graduate of Eschatology – The Science of Last Things, founded by William W. Walter and a graduate as a shaman from The Four Winds Society founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. I have also studied with Dr. Hank Wesselman, Don Oscar Miro- Quesada, and James VanPraagh. If you had to do something differently as a child or teenager to become a better writer as an adult, what would you do? I would start writing books sooner in my life. I knew in grade school that I loved to write, but it was not until later in life when I had taken spiritual training and had a child with glaucoma that the doctors could not heal that I was able to use and apply my training in spiritual healing for perfect results. I think it is a shame that we live with so much ignorance in this world of our innate spiritual abilities. Our thinking, our thoughts and our attitudes create this world, our health, our wealth, our daily lives, but we are not trained this way as children. I believe if parents of the world would begin to teach their little children to love themselves without reservation while they are little, they would protect that child from depression, alcoholism, mental illness, and drug addiction as adults. EC

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in writing a book? I find writing easy and a very natural thing to do. I enjoy finding and expressing the hidden deeper concepts in spiritual healing in ways that cause the reader to realize you can heal yourself without medicine by changing the way you think. Your negative attitudes cause all of your illnesses – especially your negative attitudes about yourself. What do you think makes a good story? I love to explain how you can heal medically incurable illnesses without medicine just by changing the way you think about the most difficult problems in your life experience. Your body always reflects your positive and negative attitudes perfectly, but we are not taught anything about this subject in school, in church, or anywhere else as we grow up. The words we think and speak most often create our health and our dysfunctions perfectly and exactly. Does writing energize or exhaust you? Why or why not? I love to write and it does energize me as I get excited about sharing the information I understand that most people do not understand at all. I have had special training in spiritual healing, and I have healed my son of glaucoma, which is medically incurable, and myself of depression, which is also medically incurable. I know how to heal dysfunction. I healed my left leg when my femur (upper leg bone) disconnected from my hip bone after the sudden death of my oldest son Jeffrey. I felt very separated from my two sons who had both died, and the separation of my bones perfectly reflected how I felt. My adding to my thinking this statement – “Nothing can separate me from the love of God,” my femur and hip bones perfectly re-connected. I never went to a doctor. An x-ray later revealed my bones had reconnected perfectly. St. John said, “The Word was God.” The word still is God.


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022

"I love to explain how you can heal medically incurable illnesses without medicine just by changing the way you think about the most difficult problems in your life experience." -Nancy


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022

Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A., is an energy healer and spiritual teacher trained in the tradition of the Inca of the Americas. She offers shamanic treatments, counseling, books, and workshops. Nancy is the founder of GodSpirits United, LLC, a company that helps people recover from medically incurable illnesses and addictions by teaching them how to shift their energy for healing. She is a graduate of The Four Winds Society, the world’s most extensive professional training in energy healing and shamanism, founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and has also studied with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada. She was recently chosen to receive the Empowered Woman of the Year Award for 2021 given by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP). Her exemplary role as a female business professional and talented entrepreneur displays her influence, capability, and proficiency.

For more information on Nancy Lynne Harris please visit:

In his autobiography, J. Carlton Sharp describes his life’s greatest triumphs and trials, sharing the benefit of his experiences with the reader. For the context surrounding his life’s journey, he describes his family’s ancestry; his upbringing by his loving and sometimes strict parents; and his formative childhood memories at the YMCA. Adulthood takes him on the wonderful journey of meeting his devoted wife of five decades, Louise, and raising a family together. Professionally, he learned much from his time in the Army as well as working of the National Security Agency, a position that led him to a special assignment leading the evidence analysis team during the Iran-Contra Investigation in President Ronald Reagan’s White House. Now 79 years old, Sharp looks back on these memories from a vantage point of failing health to offer his reflections on the meaning of life.

I’m Most Anxious for My Death J. Carlton Sharp

$ 29.00 Paperback

$ 24.00 eBook

142 pages


EPITOME PLACE is a love story; finding love, love lost, not wasting time making wrong love work, about inner self-reflection, then falling into true love when not even searching for love, and arriving at last to the epitome place - serene contentment.

Jeanette Skirvin

$ 13.00 Paperback

$ 49.18 Hardback

$ 2.99 eBook

345 pages



Passion... Emotion... Love... Sounds like a romance novel and it IS. My love for DOGS, My passion for rhyming poetry and the emotional relationship between DOGS and humans are what my poems speak of. In many of my poems, the dog is speaking and thinking, in his own special canine way of interacting with humans. Please enjoy my emotional tribute to DOGS, a book for all ages. No Bones About It: A Dog Lover’s Inspirational Poems (2nd Edition) JILL MEUNIER

110 pages

$ 13.32 Paperback


JOYCE CRAWFORD The Royal Order of the Last Coin

The Royal Order of the Last Coin is the first in The Coin series. Loosely based on the author’s family genealogy and historical facts, The Royal Order of the Last Coin begins in 14th century England when Walter de Burton is knighted by Edward I, King of England. What follows is Sir Walter’s moral battle between his loyalty to the king and obedience to God, and how and what he will teach his son.

$ 5.75

$ 0.99 eBook

216 pages

Paperback 9781733897792


FAB FIVE Inspired by the scent of the refreshing sea by a windswept shore, Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne evokes a uniquely but universally enchanting scent profile with every spray. Alive with the freshness of sea salt, the notes of woody sage still break through and create a well- rounded fragrance that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s the perfect all around fragrance, especially when travelling.

Jo Malone’s fabulous five with British bespoke fragrances. Fill your life with scent immaculately designed to create an individual statement. Fresh, delectable, and crisp, Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Cologne captures the scent profile of quintessential British orchard in autumn. It contains the fresh top notes of deliciously ripe pears and a bouquet of white freesias, blended together with heart notes of amber and patchouli.

Delightful, youthful, and bright, Jo Malone London Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne is just the fruity floral fragrance to get you feeling delicious and irresistible. Thanks to its notes of ripe, juicy peaches and nectarines blended together with hints of cassis with delicate spring flowers, this fragrance is reminiscent of vibrant early mornings along the streets of London’s Covent Garden. Feminine and floral, Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede Cologne is the perfect blend of innocence and sensuality. Containing notes of not just peonies in bloom and blush suede, this cologne also has hints of fresh, crisp apples giving you a scent profile that is soft, deliciously tempting, and alluring.

Fresh with notes of zesty citrus, Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne is a known, classic fragrance that has become one of the brand’s signature scents. Its notes of basil and white thyme blending together with the fragrance of limes bring forth a unique, unforgettable twist on the olfactory experience of a Carribean breeze.

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A tribute to her late majesty the Queen, and some of our favorite snaps that happened in New York Fashion Week. What’s not to like? Fab Fashion by Ryan Karl Tallo


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022


The Queen’s style throughout her decades-long reign was nothing short of powerful—transcending glamour and style by communicating influence through her clothes. The Queen’s Decades of Style

What dressing up meant to Queen Elizabeth II was a card not quite seen by most as an essential part of her rule, which, on the contrary, was a culmination of her keen attention to detail and eye for elaborate curation. A marriage of class and quirk, here is a timeline of the queen’s impeccable fashion moments since the start of her reign.

EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022 46


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022


At 25, the queen succeeded her late father King George VI, sooner than anyone has expected. Towards the start of her reign, the Queen has maintained her iconic hairstyle, but ditched her war and post-war clothes for regal and more elegant silhouettes. 1950s Coming to the Throne

EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022 48


EC Magazines | Frankfurt-Las Vegas Edition 2022


The sixties was the complete turnaround for the Queen’s style as she experimented on colors, prints, and shapes of her clothes. This signals the creation of her signature looks including her structured suits, accessories, and hats.

Curating a Brand

1970s Tweaking Style

Turning to slightly muted tones such as greens, mustards, and browns was the Queen’s move in tweaking her style including the incorporation of florals which was very famous at the time. The Queen’s commitment to communicating through her clothes remained unhampered throughout the 70s as she dressed with deep significance to regions she visits.

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LOUIS LINVILLE is plagued by nightmares that seem to foretell of something bad about to happen. By night, he dreams of a mouthful of blackened, rotting teeth and struggles to breathe. By day, he works as a busy and successful consultant and spends time with his love, Karen. But when he is involved in a horrific car accident, it seems Louis’s nightmares have unfortunately come true. As Louis floats somewhere between reality and the world beyond, he meets his Watcher who has been with him throughout his lives. As the Watcher reveals that Louis has landed in a place where he can take stock of his lessons, observe what he has learned and has left to learn, and prepare to accept the next phase of growth and maturity, he also discloses that Louis has held several identities in his past lives. While the Watcher leads Louis back in time to see who he has been and why, Louis realizes there is greater meaning to his existence than he ever knew. In this poignant short story, a man who meets his Watcher after a life-altering accident is led on an enlightening journey back into his past lives.


Channeling Femininity 1980s

The 80s ushered in more of Her Majesty’s feminine aesthetic—adopting more of the trends of the decade from puff sleeves, pussy-bow blouses, bolder florals, and pastel hues. On becoming a grandmother, the Queen’s heels became much lower while her black Launer London handbag remains a staple.


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1990s Colour Blocking Icon

When the popularity of the monarchy was at its most vulnerable, the Queen famously described 1992 as her “annus horribilis,” after three of her four children’s marriages collapsed and a fire at Windsor caused more than £36m in damages. However, this the major events of the decade did not stop Her Majesty to introducing her now famous bold colour-blocking style.


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There comes a point in our lives, when you realize, who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore, and who always will. Don’t worry about those people from your past because they belong to the past. There’s a reason why they didn’t make it to our lives, for me, as a victim people said, blood is thicker than water, and these words hurt. I would like to share these words with the World even if we are blood-related or not, we are all children of God. He is with us at all times, a smile, look up to him. Identity: A Child’s Cry Olga Cornejo Torres

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2000s Cementing Legacy

The last 20 years of Her Majesty’s reign was a bonding of all her iconic styling for decades from bold colours, great hats, pearls, brooches, skirts, and black handbags. The Queen maintained clear composure in her looks in a way to show her dedication to public service amid global and personal turmoil. She lost her mother, sister, and her husband in this period. However, it was also the period she became the nation’s caring and compassionate grandmother, cementing her legacy in public service up until her very last photographed moment of fulfilling her duties.

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The London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 prevailed over the country’s national mourning period and did not disappoint to serve notable hair and beauty trends gaining global attention. The post-pandemic fashion scene has designers unleashing wildly imaginative hair and makeup looks. Here’s a glimpse of our favorite beauty moments that won’t hurt to try: HAIR AND BEAUTY TRENDS FROM LFW SS23

Full-on disco glitter eyes

Lavender or Purple Eyeliner

Sleek slick backs with rich, plum lips

Laminated Eyebrows

Gorgeous, shiny hair


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Cry into the Wind is a testimony to the strength of the human spirit, and an inspirational guide for those struggling to overcome the effects of abuse. CRY INTO THE WIND: A TRUE STORY Othello Bach

Othello Bach is a force. And this book proves it.

—Joel Grey

Cry into the Wind is a page- turner from beginning to end. It is a compelling story of survival and an inspiring testament to the strength of the human spirit and raw determination

—Dave Pelzer, author of A Child Called It

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To round out the collection, the designer showed striped and solid stretch knit numbers; a pair of white hand-crocheted styles finished with black ribbon; a couple of dark-rinse denim dresses, both punctuated by a wide waist-cinching belt; and a plunge-front bustier jumpsuit—different, but still familiar. Mrs. H. gave him a thumbs up as he zipped down the runway for his bow. CAROLINA HERRERA SPRING 2023 READY-TO-WEAR


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In Along the Way, Monsignor Paul L. Bochicchio writes of a life full of joys and challenges from his 50 years as a priest in the Archdiocese of Newark. Spanning his early childhood in New York City to the fruits of his recent retirement in Hoboken, he recalls his decades as a parish priest, pastor, youth minister, pilgrim, teacher, and spiritual guide to countless people across all walks of life, especially the youth of northern New Jersey. You will laugh at his anecdotes, experience his warmth and wisdom, and be inspired by his stories of loss and perseverance, cultural strife and reconciliation, and profound faith in God. Along The Way: A Priest’s Journey of Joys and Challenges Msgr. Paul L. Bochicchio

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327 pages





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Come meet the people of Grant Lake, Colorado. Fall in love with them as they find a home, learn love is often nothing like you expected, discover secrets and truths, and solve a murder...or five. In A Journey Begun , Diann and her son, Ducky, flees from an abusive relationship in western Pennsylvania to Grant Lake. Not only do they find refuge in Grant Lake, but they begin a new life, this time full of unexpected friendships and love. A JOURNEY BEGUN: A Grant Lake Story — Raj Lowenstein




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Presidential Maxims: Excellence in Leadership (Volume 1)


Presidential Maxims is about POTUS (President of the United States) and how his power is restricted not only by the checks and balances that exist within the federal government but also by the duties that come with his position as commander-in-chief. The focus of this book is on the impact that a president’s manner has on the attitudes that are fostered among the people of his nation since it is that influence that has the most potential to be felt.

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Simone Rocha garnered the first standing ovation that has likely ever been witnessed under the awe-inspiring roof of the Old Bailey, Britain’s seat of criminal trials, the London landmark whose dome is topped with the powerful statue of the blindfolded female personification of Justice, holding her scales. Her verdict came in after a show that seemed filtered through raw energy. It was the same authentic Simone Rocha all right, but with a different accent on utility and fragility. SIMONE ROCHA SPRING 2023 READY-TO-WEAR

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Eddie the Eagle Goes Camping is about a bunch

of friends that go to camp during the summer

school break. While at summer camp they engage in fun

activities and on the way they learn some lessons. At the end of

the summer camp they return to school a little wiser.

Eddie the Eagle Goes Camping

— Richard Melendez

24 pages

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Capt’n Bob’s Adventures in Child Psychology is a professional memoir, informally written, that begins with the story of the author, his ancestors, his childhood and his education. The focus, however is on the high-spirited experiences that have marked his career, whether in Boston, Vermont, Russia or Haiti, working mostly with the poor. Dr. Belenky is a wise and witty innovator in psychology and education. Capt’n Bob’s Adventures in Child Psychology Robert Belenky

170 pages

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The author, raised in progressive education, first worked in children’s camps including one for the blind. And he taught at colleges and universities. Later he worked in public schools, hospitals and communities both urban and rural. On retirement, he made many visits to both Haiti and Russia. Embers of a Shrinking Life Robert Belenky

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234 pages



FROM NYFW FRONT ROW STYLE The spring 2023 shows at New York Fashion Week have officially kicked off, and for the next week, Manhattan’s fashion crowd will be jetting around town taking in the latest designer collections.

by Christian Allaire

townhouse, superstar Janet Jackson stole the show when she showed up in a black sheer jumpsuit (and accompanied by several bodyguards, no less). Also in attendance was Clueless star Alicia Silverstone, who made Cher Horowitz proud in a black dress with ruffled cuffs. A day prior, the Harlem Fashion Row presentation also delivered some fashion-forward looks—namely, actor- producer Issae Rae in her floral Off-White mini dress, and the legendary Dapper Dan in one of his signature spiffy suits.

Dotting the front rows are some of your favorite stars, who are taking notes of looks to wear for their next big movie premiere or stage performance. Unsurprisingly, what these stars sport in their VIP seats is often just as fashionable as what’s being shown on the catwalk— there’s paparazzi around, after all. Only a day in, and there’s already been some memorable fashion moments at the shows. At Christian Siriano’s presentation last night, which was held in Elizabeth Taylor’s former

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Antoni Porowski at Monse

Aquaria, Susanne Bartsch and Linux at Coach

Carolyn Murphy at Adeam

Doja Cat at Coach

Dove Cameron at Tom Ford

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Ella Emhoff at Ulla Johnson

Sarah Jessica Parker at Fendi

Sydney Sweeney at Tory Burch

Saucy Santana, Christine Quinn, and CT Hedden at Christian Cowan


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Nicky Hilton Rothschild at Monse

Katie Holmes at Tom Ford

Lil Nas X at Vogue World

Shawn Mendes at Tommy Hilfiger

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker at Tommy Hilfiger


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Once again, the author grabs the hearts and minds of the young with a delightful children’s story of a girl, a car, a filling station, and evangelism. Based on the old Esso gas slogan* of yesteryear, Put a Tiger in Your Tank is the third book by Sally Breeze Green, completing a trilogy of children’s stories with deeper meanings. Her niece, Melissa Green, is again the illustrator.

Put a Tiger in Your Tank Sally Breeze Green

24 pages

$ 13.95 Paperback


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