NAWIC Today Jan. Feb.: Meet the Committees

The Global Partners Committee was formed in 2020 to bring awareness to NAWIC members of its international affiliates around the world. Currently, we have NAWIC in Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and, our newest member, Qatar. As the committee progressed, it expanded its vision from NAWIC USA to include the affiliates and their concerns. This year, we invited a representative from each of the affiliates to join the committee, allowing us to expand our vision of women’s issues globally, both in the construction industry and our associations. Although this comes with its challenges, such as time zone constraints for meetings, our knowledge base has increased, and the progressive nature of our affiliates will assist us in directions we may need to go in the future to stay relevant.

We are reviewing the criteria required to be a NAWIC affiliate and how we can expand our reach while adhering to the laws and regulations of differing countries. We also have been approached to allow other international women’s organizations to partner with us and we will continue to review requests and partner requirements. Currently, this committee does not run as many NAWIC committees. We do not hold webinars like other committees. We move forward internally to build a strong foundation. With the internet and many social media platforms, members and their companies are becoming more global, and we want to insure we provide a solid program to assist with their expansive needs. In the future we hope to add mentoring programs for chapters and individuals to assist with global connections for their companies and themselves.


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