NAWIC Today Jan. Feb.: Meet the Committees

Vision An industry that embraces change, innovation, and collaboration amongst all professionals worldwide. Mission To connect, support, educate and empower women through NAWIC globally in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Development, and other evolving industries. Goal ·Develop a marketing, communications, and mentoring strategy to connect NAWIC, its members, and Affiliate Associations, globally. Actions

·Create a landing page on the NAWIC website for the Global Partners Committee to share our mission/goals and contact information. Further develop this site as the committee grows. ·Develop a communication strategy to connect chapters globally. This platform would allow chapters to share best practices/lessons learned and knowledge sharing.

·Develop procedure for partner resources, a mentoring strategy for International Affiliate Associations to strengthen collaboration.

·Create processes to comply with international regulations for new International Affiliates and Partners.

·Increase NAWIC Affiliates and Global Partners.

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