NAWIC Today Jan. Feb.: Meet the Committees

The NAWIC OSHA Alliance Committee ensures a productive mutual relationship with OSHA by highlighting their priority initiatives to our members. The alliance was facilitated by Kathleen Dobson and became an official committee August 21, 2013. Currently NAWIC is one of only seventeen national organizations with a construction focus holding an OSHA Alliance. Annually OSHA brings together all Alliance partners at their offices in September for the Alliance Program Forum to share information from each internal agency and share best practices among participants. They also host a Construction Roundtable in March focused on our industry with the goal of developing and sharing construction- related compliance assistance tools and other resources for workers and employers. As we begin 2023, our Alliance approaches ten years strong and is converting to an OSHA Ambassadorship. OSHA confers ambassador status to long-term alliance participants who agree to continue a cooperative relationship and who share timely and relevant safety and health information with its stakeholders. Ambassadors are also recognized for working collaboratively on safety and health issues its stakeholders raise. Unlike regular alliances, ambassador relationships do not need to be renewed and remain in effect for the duration of an ongoing cooperative relationship and a good faith effort by both parties to meet the intent of the arrangement. Our committee’s goal is to provide OSHA-curated educational tools for members entirely focused on worker safety and health in the workplace with an emphasis on how they affect women. Keep reading to see the schedule of focused national initiatives that you will see more about during the upcoming year.


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