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September 2019


I have a confession to make. When we first opened Madden Physical Therapy Dauphin, I was nervous about gaining traction with the community. Opening a new business in a close-knit, small community can be a challenge, but it was one I was ready to take on. I knew this was going to be the right decision and a fun one at that. After one year in Dauphin, that apprehension was gone and my hope had been proven true. As word quickly traveled around the rural community, we continued to get busier and busier, and our support from the community has been strong since day one. Madden Physical Therapy Dauphin first opened on Sept. 4, 2018 in a tiny, 1,200-square-foot space previously occupied by another physical therapy clinic. (For comparison, Madden Physical Therapy Harrisburg has more than 10,000 square feet!) Our staff was made up of myself; Britany, our physical therapy assistant; and Leslie, our receptionist. Today, we’ve more than doubled in size, both in space and in manpower. We now have six employees and one remote marketing employee. We expanded our clinic into the space next to us, growing to 2,600 square feet. As we continue to grow, I’m in a position as the clinic director where I can begin considering lowering my patient load and filling my workweek with more administrative work. But patients can still expect to see me actively working in the clinic; I’ll still be working with patients for 38 hours each week. (You won’t get rid of me that easy, Dauphin!)

A little ax-throwing therapy for the team!

If this past year has taught me anything, it’s that all this work is worth it. In fact, the best part about this past year is the way this community has accepted us. There are few people as amazing and close-knit as Dauphin. Our patients have become like our family, and as a staff, we have grown close within this past year of growth and expansion. I first joined the Madden Physical Therapy team as a student during my last clinical at our Harrisburg office. It was vastly different than any other physical therapy clinic I had ever been in, for many reasons. For starters, Chad Madden is adamant that the patient comes first, and they deserve our utmost attention. It’s always upsetting when we hear of patients who have had jaded experiences at other clinics, and we strive to be better. But in doing what’s best for the patient, we are also utilizing some of the greatest techniques for healing. We promote a hands-on approach to physical therapy, which

often involves manual therapy and placing our hands on each client. I’m also lucky enough to join the team of Madden physical therapists who have an opportunity to teach these techniques to other therapists, including serving as an adjunct professor at my alma mater, Lebanon Valley College. I often join other Madden physical therapists at other clinics for training sessions across the country, too. But within the past year, there has been a tremendous shift for me. Whenever I return to our Dauphin clinic after teaching or training physical therapists, I always feel like I’m coming back home. In fact, since I grew up in a small northeastern Pennsylvania town, Dauphin feels like home.

–Dan Hinnerschitz

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Age-Old Question

What’s the Trick to Staying Fit as You Get Older?

achievements. These options also provide an opportunity for socialization — which studies cite as an important need for seniors, who are predisposed to depression due to isolation — and encourages joint and muscle movement and strength. Plus, what’s better than working out with a buddy? At least you can commiserate together!

Let’s face it: Aging can suck sometimes. Your eyesight is dwindling, you groan as you get out of bed, and every day there seem to be new pains somewhere in your body. Oh, if only you could be 30 again, right? But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be this way? You can actually live a healthy, happy life and prevent injuries in your golden years just by staying active, strengthening your muscles, and working your joints. Try these tips for living an active lifestyle as a senior. Starting any physical routine can be tedious, but easing your way into an active lifestyle is easier when you slowly introduce yourself to it. Start by taking daily walks, joining a local walking group, or signing up for senior-focused fitness classes at your local community center. Find something that fits easily into your routine and dive into it. Set little goals for yourself, and as you complete each one, celebrate those Take It Easy

See a Therapist

If you are struggling with chronic knee problems, back pain, or a litany of other body pains, physical therapy can provide a noninvasive treatment option, without harmful injections, surgery, or painkillers. But your therapist can be a resource for your fitness routine, too! Think about it: They are the experts on your body and injuries, they have a wide knowledge base on physiology, and they are exercise experts. Your therapist will be able

to cater an exercise routine to your needs, and they can connect you to local resources for more information, classes, and groups. As with any physical activity, consult with a medical professional before beginning a new routine. At Madden Physical Therapy, our experts can provide you with tips and resources to get started. Start your fitness journey or ease your pain by calling 717.474.8754.

Patient Success Stories

“My experience at Madden Physical Therapy was awesome … productive with a friendly, knowledgeable staff! I initially came because of shoulder pain when lifting my arm and doing weight-bearing activities. After a few weeks of doing the prescribed exercises and experiencing the manipulations, I am happy to say that I am pain-free doing all regular activities. Every appointment experience was positive — a definite plus.” –Bonnie K.

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How to Keep Your Family Close in a Busy World Staying Connected

If you feel like you’ve hardly seen your kids since the school year started, you’re not alone. Americans are way too busy — from childhood onward, we’re always running hither and thither, packing in as many after-school activities, work-related meetings, and social engagements as possible. It’s a problem so pervasive that it has a name: time scarcity. Families feel time scarcity keenly after school starts in September, when children’s schedules explode with engagements. But all hope for close ties isn’t lost; there are ways to stay connected with your spouse and kids, even in an increasingly busy world. Here are some ideas from counselors, teachers, and psychologists who claim to have mastered the art.

wouldn’t dream of abandoning their holiday traditions, so why forgo the smaller rituals that bring families together? Whether it’s eating dinner at the same table each evening, watching a movie together every Thursday night, or going on a monthly getaway, make sure these traditions aren’t canceled. If your family doesn’t have many rituals, a great way to connect is to start some. As cliche as it sounds, when you don’t have much time together, it’s crucial to be present for every minute of it. If you have a rare half-hour at home with one of your kids, make a point to spend it in the same room and try to start a conversation. If you squeeze in a romantic dinner with your spouse, turn off your phones before the food comes. Listening to each other without distractions will strengthen your relationship. Make Every Moment Count

Hug It Out

Physical contact is vital for closeness. When you get the chance, hug your kids, hold hands with your spouse, and do physical activities as a family, like hiking, biking, or even playing group sports. It’s been scientifically proven that physical closeness leads to emotional closeness, so if you’re low on time, take advantage of that shortcut!

Remember Your Rituals

Rituals make up the backbone of individual families and society at large. Most people


Basil Berry Sorbet

Unlike standard ice cream recipes, this delicious sorbet doesn’t require fancy

equipment or difficult prep. It’s also entirely dairy-free, making it the perfect vegan treat for the end of summer.

Inspired by Good Housekeeping


• 1 cup sugar • 1 cup fresh basil leaves

• 6 cups frozen mixed berries • 3/4 cup fresh lemon juice


1. In a saucepan over high heat, combine sugar with 1 cup of water, stirring occasionally until sugar dissolves, creating a syrup- like consistency. 2. Remove syrup from heat, add basil, cover, and let stand for 15 minutes. Strain syrup into bowl and refrigerate until cold.

3. In a blender, combine syrup with frozen berries and lemon juice. Purée until smooth. 4. Transfer to a square baking pan, cover in plastic wrap, and freeze until set, about 2 hours. 5. Scoop and serve.

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Celebrating 1 Year in Dauphin

Staying Fit as You Age Patient Success Stories

How to Keep Your Family Close in a Busy World

Take a Break

Basil Berry Sorbet


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