Yes, fans, this is what it is all about.


The action is intense, the language is at

the top of the net, reduce the angles so the

times crude, the stakes are so high.

attackers have few options.

When the Stanley Cup playoffs coincide


with another federal election campaign,

to aim for the middle of the political

spectators are treated to non-stop

spectrum, they clog up the neutral zone,

competition on a nightly basis.

looking for support from the right and left


wings, attempting to appeal to the fiscally

the masses begin to pay attention to the

responsible and socially conscious.

Hockey, politics, no contest

contests. The focus becomes sharper, the

Do you find yourself torn?

errors more glaring, the criticism more


traits of the human animal. Just as rabid

scathing. One error, and you are toast, or

that final verdict, there is a series of contests,

we are chomping at the bit to get outside


even worse – embarrassed in full public

which are closely scrutinized and analyzed

and start playing and working in the great

political players can occasionally employ


by armchair politicians.

outdoors, before the blackflies invade.

colourful language.

Defeat is not an option. Lose and you are

Apparently, the ads, polls, strategies,

We must set priorities and establish


on the golf course, which, if you hate golf,

platforms, mistakes, scandals and debates

personal agendas. Could hockey trump

from one of our most famous politicians,

could be a brutal sentence indeed.

all contribute to the ultimate outcome. But,

the hosta bed? Are the Canadiens more

Pierre Trudeau, who will be remembered

The playoffs are just beginning to warm

you know that no matter what happens,

important than the crocus patch?

for, among other things, uttering “fuddle


some people cannot be swayed. That is why

Well, of course, there is no debate here.

duddle.” (Google it, however, parental

The political campaign, according to the

you still see some Leafs’ fans waving their

Hockey rules.

guidance may be advised.)

many experts, just starts to get serious after

flags in June.



the televised leaders’ debates.


great outdoors to watch a playoff game.

spate of vandalism. Potty-mouth vandals

In one of the more intelligent moves of

and mid-game adjustments are vital.

But would you rush inside on a nice clear


the campaign, Bloc Québécois leader Gilles

The debates are said to be crucial because

day to catch a show dissecting political



Duceppe suggested that the date of the

they are watched by most voters, and the


candidate Julie Bourgeois’ campaign signs.

French-language confrontation be moved

responses help the strategists fine-tune their

Fortunately, you can have it all.

Some of the words spray-painted on the

up so the debate would not be held on the

pitches for the rest of the drive.




The post-debate analysis attempts to


but this is the work of small-minded

Boston series. Nobody would be watching

determine who came to play, who did the

recorded or you will be able to catch the

miscreants, after all. What do you expect?

the politicians skate around questions if the

best with powerplay opportunities, who

highlights on that Internet thingee.


Habs were playing on another channel, he

scored, who best made the transition from


One advantage politics has over hockey


defence to offence.

of the most important plays, from several

is that TV viewers are subjected to less


Of course, since there is so much free

different angles, in super-slowmotion. An


the four “major” parties agreed that they

advice available out there, we are constantly

end-to-end thrilling rush by P. K. Subban

Have you noticed that whenever there is

could not compete with hockey for the

being reminded about what we have just

or amiraculous Carey Price save isworth a

a close-up of a bench, some sweaty player is

attention of the voters.

witnessed. During the leaders’ debates,

second and third look.

bound to expectorate?

At the same time, the leaders gave the

thanks to that fabulous social media



impression that they were in touch with the

technology, we could provide our own

no matter how engaging they are, rarely

game is that the results are easily quantified

common folk. These guys are grounded;

running commentary on the action.

merit a replay.

– there is a clear winner and a loser.

they like hockey as much as the next fellow.


The looks of indignation, the finger-

The scoreboard may not always reflect

Smart campaigners know that they had

big. Experts dissect the leaders’ body

pointing, the posturing and contrived

the nature of the contest, but the final


language like goalie coaches examine


outcome is not ambiguous.



they are not fun to watch again, unless of

In politics, the only poll that counts is the


way to stand so they can fully “engage” the

course, you view them in slow motion.

one held on Election Day. But leading up to

can bring out some of the less attractive

electorate; goalies perfect their postures so

19 h à 21 h / 7 p. m. to 9 p. m.

PLANTAGENET 173, ancienne Route 17 173 Old Hwy 17 Mardi 3 mai 2011 Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HAWKESBURY 411, rue Stanley Street Mercredi 27 avril 2011 Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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