E Rehab - December/January 2020


December/January 2020

STRATEGIZE FOR 2020 It All Starts With a Marketing Plan

care for them (e.g., support staff to help), and make sure you get paid enough to treat those diagnoses. If you don’t know enough about your existing patients and what you did to attract and retain them, you should ask them some questions. THE MESSAGE Patients don’t ever want your services, and that goes for just about any health care service. They have a problem, they need you to solve it for them, then they hope to never have to see you again. You have patients now, and you are fulfilling their needs. The question to ask them is, “Why did you choose our practice?” Understanding the perceived value you offer your market will help reinforce the message you need to share with future prospects. YOUR IMAGE In a service business, patients judge what they can’t see based on what they can see. They can’t test-drive or try on your services. The physical evidence of the quality care you provide matters. From the design and images on your website to the print materials you share, there should be consistent, high- quality evidence that you care about the details. Take a couple minutes to check your “physical evidence.” Is it reflective of the high-quality service you provide and the types of patients you want to see? THE CONTENT When patients are looking for a physical therapist to solve their problems, most research their options (or confirm the quality of a referral) by going online first. First, you have to be present when people search for the solutions you provide. Obscurity is your biggest problem, and that’s where advertising comes into play. There are some tips on how you can use Google Ads to get people to know you inside this issue. Having great content on your website’s home page that’s updated regularly and confirms that physical therapy is a great solution for people’s problems helps establish your authority and expertise.

It’s never too late to implement a new marketing plan for your practice, so in an effort to generate more business in 2020, consider these elements from “Duct Tape Marketing” by John Jantsch. These practices have been proven to work when it comes to effective marketing for small businesses. He breaks marketing down into a systematic approach that’s easy to understand and get started with, no matter what stage your business is in. THE JOURNEY John Jantsch’s “Marketing Hourglass” is something all practice owners should consider when marketing to their community. John describes the “hourglass” as the journey patients go through when using your services. First, they have to know who you are and that you are a potential solution to their problems. Next, they have to like you or see you as the expert or authority that is the best solution for their problem. Then, they have to trust you, which is best accomplished through online ratings and reviews. The next step is trying your services. This is the initial evaluation where you need to sell the patient on the plan of care you have designed for them. Then, they buy your services, which is the process of repeatedly coming back and completing their plan of care. Repeat is the next step, and patients should know they can come back for the same or another service if needed. Finally, referring you to others is something all of your patients should know how to do. Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat, Refer. When creating your marketing plan, all of these should be optimized for success.

THE PATIENT It’s something every business owner hears: You must

understand your target audience in order to effectively market to them. To do this, remember that at one time, all your current clients were prospects. So, the best way to get started is to take a closer look at the patients you attracted and figure out what steps you took so that you can repeat them. Also, keep in mind the diagnoses you love to treat, know the resources needed to

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