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40 U nder 40

Justin M. Protasiewicz, PE . . .

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In 2015, Brad identified a segment of clients solely focused on the acquisition of STNL properties either as a healthy long-term investment with almost guaranteed ROI or as a 1031 Exchange. Brad felt bringing in a senior level consultant to better advise clients on these types of deals would ultimately increase the number of STNL transactions while also providing expert advisement to existing cli- ents on the parameters and benefits of a 1031 exchange. As a result, from 2016 to 2018 Progress Capital arranged over $140,000,000 in STNL acquisitions and new con- struction – an increase of 80% from the prior period. Staying relevant in this industry is important. Rel- evance comes from under- standing my clients’ needs and how I can help them achieve their goals. The best compliment I can get from a client is “I know you have my back.” Always.  Hard work, dedication, sacri- fice, passion, patience, knowl- edge, and persistence are the only way you are going to be successful in this industry. Not one successful person in this industry has gotten where they are without these quali- ties. I strive to perfect myself and learn something new every day and will always do so in the pursuit of success. Success does not come overnight, but it will come if you resolve to maintain a steady course and if you are patient and persistent. I have seen many failures in my early career and take my failures and shortcomings as lessons on how to structure my approach for the next project.  the challenging market. What inspiring word of advice would you give to a young executive gradu- ating from college today? Don’t be afraid to pursue your passions and dreams because that’s your best chance at achieving success. Also, don’t just follow trends; instead, chart your own path and don’t be afraid to lead. Finally, be bold enough to define success for yourself.  sets me apart from my peers. I will never stop networking, nor should anyone else who wants to be successful. What inspiring word of advice would you give to a young executive graduat- ing from college today?

continued from page 14D manage the anticipated yearly growth. As of 2018, Brad has recruited 4 additional brokers – one each in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. As a result, Prog- ress Capital has posted annual gains of 30-40% since part- nering in 2013 – exhibiting a 250% gain in 2017 compared to 2013. Strategi cal ly thinking ahead, Brad forecast that banks would eventually begin to tighten lending standards in certain CRE categories due to a number of unforeseen market influences. With the goal of providing his clients with more than one tradi- tional lending solution, Brad conceived Progress Direct. A direct lending division of Progress Capital, funded by a network of private investors, that provides short-term capi- tal in circumstances where traditional banks are not an option. From 2014 – 2018 Progress Direct financed over $150,000,000 in transactions. What impact has social media/networking had on your career? Networking is the most important tool in our industry. Without networking, projects are not won, deals are not made, projects are not built, and people are not found. Networking is the reason that I landed at my engineering firm; it is the reason I rose so fast up the ranks; and it is why I have developed a reputation that ized by a great deal of uncer- tainty. Surviving and thriving were a major challenge, I had to commit to work harder and smarter and have foresight into what I thought was trending and develop a strategy around that to meet the evolving mar- ket conditions. I do not operate in a vacuum and consistently consulted with my mentors and colleagues on ideas and developing best approaches to continued from page 11D and doctors’ visits have been some of my recent weekly activities. My three brothers and I also pick one place every year to backpack. This past year we hiked the Grand Tetons inWy- oming for four days and three nights. We were the first group of the season to hike through most of the passes along the Teton Crest Trail (ice axes and crampons were required). This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Brad Domenico, Progress Capital

continued from page 24D Josh Cohen, Cushman & Wakefield

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