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40 U nder 40

Jillian Favia Project Manager Alston Construction

Steve Chen President Crystal Window & Door Systems

Omar S. McKeithan Associate NAI The Michael Companies (NAI Global)

Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in, and why you choose the field/ profession you are in today?

What is your greatest pro- fessional accomplishment? The sale of 4600 Forbes Blvd an 88,000 s/f office building sold for $8,676,300 in April 2018. I represented the seller. What is your most notable project, deal or transaction? The sale of 4600 Forbes Blvd. for $8,676,300. I just closed a deal this month where I represented a tenant who went from working in their home when I met them to leasing 40,000 s/f. The name of the firm is 21st Century Expo Group. I am very proud to represent them. How do you contribute to your company? I develop business and help deals come to fruition using an “outside the box” strategy. What impact has social media / network- ing had on your career? Little social media impact. In person network- ing has been pivotal. What inspiring word of advice would you give to a young executive graduating from college today? The same advice I would give to anyone. Believe in yourself no matter the adversity.

What i s your greatest professional accomplish- ment? My greatest professional ac-

Trisha Ocona CEO/Broker RealEstate Ocona complishment was recently being named President for Crystal Window & Door Systems, its subsidiaries and five factories across the nation. It’s a big responsibility and incredibly intense, but with the support of my over 700 dedicated employees and managers, I’m certain Crystal Windows will continue on its path of growth, expansion, improvement, and success. What is your most notable project, deal or transaction? While Crystal Windows has been the window sup- plier for many, many important new construction and renovation building projects throughout the country, our most notable recent project was the company’s purchase of 226 acres with a large 336,000 s/f building in NEPA. Since acquiring the property, which is just north of Scranton, we’ve renovated the facility extensively, installed lots of new window and glass production equipment, hired 100 workers, and are now producing vinyl and aluminum windows and doors there. What is your greatest pro- fessional accomplish- ment? Creating and building my own company. What impact has social media/network- ing had on your career? Social media and networking has been able to get my business out there and let people know who I am. What challenges or obstacles do you feel you needed to overcome to become as successful as you are today? Learning not to accept being told I couldn’t do something, I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I learned preserverence which has helped me in my career. What inspiring word of advice would you give to a young executive graduating from college today? Never give up. I know this is something you always hear but no matter how hard it gets to stay true to yourself and your dreams, you will be able to overcome the challeges you face.

I began my career in the profession I am in about 10 months ago.After graduating college with a civil engineering degree, I worked for three years at an energy con- sulting firm and the another two years at a structural engineering firm. After five years I finally realized I ammore interested in seeing a construction project go from conception to end use instead of just the design aspect of one tiny piece of the pie. What unique qualities do you feel make you sucessful in your profession? I am a quiet person but I am very easy and useful to work with. I take great pride in be- ing able to dig into something and do my own research to find a solution. In my short career I have obtained a vast amount of knowledge in the field but I am excited to continue to learn and further develop.

Juan Sebastian Pinto Writer Erdy McHenry Architecture

Heather Kreiger Brokerage Advisor ROCK Commercial Real Estate

What is your most notable project, deal or transac- tion? At Erdy McHenry, we are working

What is your most notable project, deal or transac- tion? My greatest professional accomplish- ment was being selected as the incoming 2019 President for the Realtors Association of York and Adams Counties (RAYAC). I have been involved with RAYAC for a number of years, serving on various committees and task forces during that time. I was named the Young Professional of the Year for 2017 for my years of work and dedication to the Association. It has always been important to me to serve the Association because we, as Realtors, must continue to hold ourselves to a high standard. I’d like to increase the understanding of commercial real estate. I am truly honored, humbled, and excited about the opportunity to serve as President, especially in a time when such extensive changes are occurring in our industry and markets.

on an ambitious event for Design Philadel- phia. We plan to bring together architects, local farmers, and the general public to share ideas about urban farming and food security. The event will be held on October 11 at 6pm, and will include a workshop on building your own vertical farm. Reach out to RSVP:jpinto@em-arc.com. How do you contribute to your company and / or the industry? I write on architecture and design for Forbes. com, and I’m about to release my favorite piece so far on urban planning in Greenville, South Carolina. I had a chance to interview Mayor Knox White about the policies he has implemented in the city since he took the position in 1995. Follow me at @pintoarch on Twitter to read more.

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