Marginal heat production costs

Figure 5 Marginal heat price heat pump and waste heat sources

If the electricity price is above app 78 £/MWh, it is better to purchase waste heat than heat produc- tion on the heat pump. Depending on the power price level, both technolo- gies can be base-load heat supply sources. Heat price will, in this example, not at any time be higher than the negotiated waste heat price and often lower in times with low electricity prices.

Marginal heat production costs (Gas price 65 £/MWh)

Figure 6 Marginal heat price heat pump, gas boiler, combined heat pump, and wind turbine Figure 6 shows it can be very feasible to combine a heat pump with a wind turbine delivering electricity to a heat pump directly or, in this case, by using the public power grid. The electricity price needs to be below 40 £/ MWh before it is feasible to stop the wind turbine and purchase electricity directly from the grid for the heat pump. If a heat pump needs to run more than the wind turbine produces electricity, the heating price will follow the purple line.

Heat sources

Figure 7 Heat production design - can vary depending on local conditions.


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