Energy sector integration has economic and environmental value. It is a continua- tion of sensible principles of efficient use of available resources. PtX-technologi- cal development, waste heat, and dis- trict heating are the recipe for efficient use of energy streams. District heating is a much more ideal strategic priority for warming houses in larger city areas than individual heating solutions. Especially as we phase out natural gas resources, district heating is important as a much more viable energy source for warming buildings than other valuable energy sources, such as hydrogen.

By Lars Juncher Ankersen, Communications Officer, TVIS

Søren Schmidt Thomsen, Director, Triangle Energy Alliance (TEA)

Jørgen Nielsen, CEO, TVIS

As we phase out fossil fuel sources in the future, it is crucial to understand that hydrogen production offers a product of high value, which should be prioritized for heavy transportation sec- tor purposes where electrification is improbable. Large-scale production to meet industry demand for realistic alternatives to fossil fuels are necessary to lower production and, thereby, consumer costs of flight, cargo freight, and so forth.

“Combined power and heat plants can evolve to power, heat, hydrogen, and carbon capture plants. But it is paramount to

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