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Marvelous Moms Here’s to the Wonderful Mothers in Life

Before I got into law, my goal was to be a professional baseball player. I spent years on the diamond, all through my childhood and well into college. And my mom supported me the whole way. I remember going up to bat and being able to hear my mom in the stands, cheering for me louder than anyone else. As a kid, I couldn’t have been more embarrassed. Now I really appreciate her support. She was at every game, drove me to every practice, and was always there for my brother and me, no matter how busy she was. My mom and dad started a business together when I was young, and Mom was president of the company. She ran the books and took charge of all the administrative work. Yet she still managed to get home every night and make sure my brother and I ate a healthy dinner and got our homework done before bed.

loves seeing the girls and lending a hand whenever we need one.

beforehand, and driving the kids wherever they need to go, while also working full-time and taking on numerous side projects. She’s a photographer, does graphic design work for local companies, and keeps our house from burning down in all the madness. Our life is a constant state of organized chaos, but Jennifer makes it look easy. She can juggle more things at once than anyone I know. I think most people can say they know a mom who made their life better. I’m fortunate enough to know two! Being a mom can be a thankless job, but it’s through their tireless efforts that so many people are able to grow and achieve more than would have ever been possible. This Mother’s Day, I want to raise a glass to all the amazing moms out there. May you (finally) get the recognition you deserve.

I don’t think I fully appreciated everything my mom did until my wife and I had our kids. My wife, Jennifer, is phenomenal. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. We have two young daughters, so emotions can run pretty high in our house. Fortunately, Jennifer is always


We never had a doubt that our mom was going to be there when we needed her. Mom supported us in everything, whether we wanted her to be there or not. When I decided I wanted to be a lawyer, she was still one of my biggest cheerleaders. And as great as she was as a mom, she’s somehow an even more supportive grandmother to my daughters. She

there to explain to me what’s really going on. The problem is never what I think it is. I literally couldn’t do it without her! On top of being a translator for me, Jennifer is constantly on the move. I couldn’t do half the things she does in a day! Completely dedicated to our two girls, Jennifer is at every dance competition, doing hair and makeup

–Brya n Shell

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