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The Roar of the Crowd In early April, our family took a trip together, and one of our destinations was the College

In the end, Charleston took it and won 10-9. The win meant they advanced to first place in their conference. I can’t help but think how it might have turned out differently if that negativity hadn’t been present. I bring this up because, in life, we have so much to complain and yell about. But complaining or yelling about the things that aren’t going our way doesn’t help you. It only works to bring you down.

Then, we got to the third game on Sunday. Again, the trend continued. But I was there to see Connor play. The first pitcher handled the first two innings. He wasn’t doing so well in the second inning and was pulled. That's when Connor came in. He was pitching with a man on first and another on third.

of Charleston in South Carolina. It was a chance to see our oldest son, Connor, play baseball. He’s a lefty pitcher in their Division 1 baseball program. The good news is that we didn’t get to see just one game — we spent three days in Charleston and got to see three games over the whole weekend. Connor’s team was playing against the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The bad news, at least as Connor’s parents, is that we didn’t get to see him play until the third game on Sunday. During the first game, I noticed what would be the start of an “interesting” trend. A few parents in the crowd began to get rowdy. It’s possible they had a few extra drinks during the game, but they were getting vocal. But as I observed, I noticed most of the rowdy parents were parents of the North Carolina players. They weren’t cheering for their own team, but jeering against the Charleston team. Ultimately, Charleston lost 6-1. During the second game on Saturday, I noticed a similar trend. The parents of the visiting team, once again, jeered against Charleston but didn’t spend much time or effort cheering for their team. The game itself looked like it could go either way at first. The Charleston pitchers weren’t able to get into a groove, but their bats were hot and they ended up winning 11-8.

North Carolina got in some good hits, including a grand slam. But Connor held his ground as they went from inning to inning and even got some batters out. By the ninth inning, the coach pulled Connor. He had been out there for seven great innings. The next pitcher didn't do so well. North Carolina scored big, bringing the inning to 9-9.

Instead, focus on the positive. Cheer for your own team and work to build them up. Your team members are the people in your life that mean the most to you,

The parents were louder than ever. They let us know when our batter made a mistake. They let us know when we struck out. Anything Charleston did, they yelled about it. On our side, the Charleston crowd wasn’t nearly as vocal, but I started to get into it. I’m not someone who yells, but I was making some noise. Even our daughter, Codie, picked up on what was going on. She realized the North Carolina parents were rallying against our team— but not rallying for their team. I imagine if they had put in more effort into cheering for their team, they would have done better, but their energy was just so negative. North Carolina is a good team, too, and deserved to be cheered for.

personally and professionally. Focusing on the positive like this makes a difference. It changes your outcome and makes your team that much stronger.

Kelly Campbell

P.S. Speaking of teams, at CWM, we’ve been focusing on strengthening our own. We recently hired two new team members: Gabe Muller and Phil Wolf. Read more about them on Page 2!

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How to Live to 99 Beloved “Golden Girls” actress Betty White is still enjoying her golden years. The famed actress celebrated her 99th birthday this January. While she told People magazine that she’s “blessed with good health, so turning 99 is no different than turning 98,” she also had a few tips for folks looking to make it to their centennial birthday. Keep Laughing “Don’t take yourself too seriously,” White says. “You can lie to others — not that I would — but you cannot lie to yourself.” White has undoubtedly provided many laughs to viewers over the years, but she’s not just playing it up for the camera. Laughter is part of what keeps her young. Be Optimistic White says a good sense of humor also helps her keep a good attitude and look for the positive rather than “dwelling on the downside.” Avoiding negativity also gives her energy. “It takes up too much energy being negative,” she told People magazine. Stay Busy With nearly eight decades of acting under her belt, six Emmys on her shelf, and over 120 screen credits to her name, White is no stranger to

Betty White’s Secrets of Longevity

hard work. As she told Parade in 2018, “I just love to work, so I’ll keep working until they stop asking.” Exercise Your Mind In addition to her busy work schedule, what keeps Betty White sharp? Crossword puzzles! She told Katie Couric in an interview, “I’m addicted. An admitted addict. I just can’t put ’em down.” Find a Cause White is a lifelong animal lover. She calls her golden retriever, Pontiac, “the star of the house.” While pet ownership itself comes with proven health benefits, White has channeled her love for animals in bigger causes. She’s been a trustee and board member of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association for over 40 years and has done work to help protect endangered species in the wild. Funds raised from White’s official fan club, Bet’s Pets, all go to support animal charities. Embrace Your Vices White told Parade she loves vodka and hot dogs “probably in that order,” which just goes to show that you don’t have to forgo your treats to live to 99.

Meet Gabe Muller and Phil Wolf! The CWM Team Grows

A team is only as strong as its players. As mentioned in this month’s cover article, we recently brought on two new team members to strengthen our team and deliver an even higher level of service to our clients. Meet Gabe Muller and Phil Wolf! Gabe Muller joins CWM as our new Chief Operating Officer. He joins us with over 10 years in executive operations experience. He was a COO at a top-level company in the D.C. area for a number of years. We’ve actually known Gabe for some time. He’s worked with CWM in assessing the Kolbe personality test. Kolbe is something we use in our hiring process to gain further insight into our team members. At his last firm, Gabe helped lead his company to rank No. 1 as the “Best Place to Work” in Washington, D.C., by Washingtonian magazine. Gabe is also a pilot and runs a local pilot association.

Phil Wolf is our new Director of Finance. He takes over the role from Kim Campbell, who was our Director of Finance for many years. Kim's entrepreneurial spirit was drawing her towards her passion for horses and other animal services. These interests were requiring more of her time and, as Campbell Wealth grew, she felt the firm would benefit from adding someone that could dedicate their full time to supporting that growth. Phil has over 25 years in the financial industry and has worked with one of the big six accounting firms. He was referred to us by a good friend who ran a successful company and sold it — Phil was his Chief Financial Officer. Phil is certainly not short on experience! At CWM, we look forward to beginning this new chapter of service with Gabe and Phil. We anticipate nothing but great things, and we’ll be cheering them on!

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Bring Spring Indoors The Most Beautiful May Flowers for Your Home or Office

The April showers came and went, so now we get to enjoy May flowers! You might not buy flowers for yourself often, but it’s totally worth treating yourself and your visitors, all while supporting your local florist! To start off, anemones are the most mythological May plant around because of two famous Greek myths surrounding these jewel-toned flowers. Anemones are said to have sprung from blood shed by the death of Aphrodite’s lover, Adonis. The ancient Greeks also believed that the god of the west wind favored anemones — hence their second name, the windflower. Attach them as pops of color to any bouquet for a classic, romantic, or modern arrangement, or mix them with roses and trailing greenery for a more boho look. Carnations are also fantastic flowers to display in May. Some people may see carnations as a cheap flower, but, when used en masse, they can have a truly breathtaking effect in a room. Try using natural- Would you like to be a Campbell Wealth Management Ambassador? Would you like access to exclusive events?

colored carnations to create a fresh, contemporary space.

You can also freshen up the room with sweet peas , which have a wonderfully mild perfume. They come with an enormous range of colors — one of the biggest ranges in the flora kingdom, in fact! Delicate, ruffled, and feminine, sweet peas are sure to delight anyone who sees them. Lastly, although tulips or orchids would be classic choices for your arrangement, consider surprising your visitors with lilies of the valley . These beautiful, peaceful little blooms only grow in white, which is often seen as the color of renewal and innocence, and they wear it well! Their adorable little bell-like flowers will be sure to put a smile on your face. We hope you will consider these gorgeous flowers for your space this year. A small purchase at your local small businesses can make a big difference, just like how a few flowers can make a big difference in your home!

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99-Year-Old Betty White’s Secrets of Longevity

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Brighten Up Your Space With These May Flowers!

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Could Vaccine Passports Open Doors for Travel?

Could Vaccine Passports Open Doors for Travel? Concerns About Vaccination Verification Securities offered only by duly registered individuals through Madison Avenue Securities, LLC (MAS), member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered only by duly registered individuals through Campbell Wealth Management, LLC (CWM), a Registered Investment Advisor. MAS and CWM are not affiliated entities.

Are you hoping to travel this summer? Not like how you “traveled” from your bedroom to your living room couch all this past year, but really travel — get out and see the world beyond your hometown. With the COVID-19 vaccines finally available, millions of people are becoming immune to the virus that has ravaged the global economy, especially in the areas of tourism and hospitality. Industry leaders in these sectors are understandably eager for the vaccine to bring back tourism. Some are hoping vaccine passports will play a part in jump-starting tourism around the world. Vaccine passports are a means by which someone can prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and are, therefore, free to travel internationally. Some countries are eager for the sort of verification these passports could bring, should they exist. The Seychelles,

Cyprus, Romania, and other countries have all said they would welcome tourists who could prove they were vaccinated. Now, you might be sitting on the same couch you’ve sat on for the past year, thinking, “Well, I would like to travel internationally after I get vaccinated!” However, this proposal is not without concerns. Firstly, health care officials still don’t know if vaccinated people can transmit the virus. So, even if they’re vaccinated, they could still spread it to unvaccinated people around the world. Another concern is a vaccine passport’s potential to create classes of “haves” and “have nots” among travelers. Many developing countries won’t receive the vaccine for another few years. Should they be barred from returning to normal? Similarly, could the vaccine passport be abused domestically, enabling private businesses to bar customers

from their spaces without proof of vaccination? Finally, what form would these passports take if they were to exist? Would they be on a smartphone app? A laminated card? A verified doctor’s note? So, while the prospect of traveling far and wide this summer after getting vaccinated is exciting, it might be better to temper your expectations for now and hope for clearer guidelines in the near future.

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