March 2017 Newsletter


Resident Mr. William Slenker Ms. Lola Beggs Capt John Murtha, III, USAF Mr. Mark Neely CPT Eric Freeman, USA Mr. Thomas Cordrey Roberge, Jr. Mr. Jason M. Ruggiero Welcome New Members 26 January to 21 February 2017

Be an ANCC Ambassador Word of Mouth Referral is the best way to bring new Members to the Club! Recruit a new Resident Member* & receive a $300 ** credit that you can spend throughout the Club. *Does not include new Members who join under the Newly Commissioned, No Initiation Fee category. ** The $300 credit may be applied to everything except Dues, Capital Infusion, Initiation Fees & the Employee Appreciation Fund. Member must be the Primary Sponsor to receive the $300 credit. The credit may not be applied retroactively.

Sons & Daughters Program

Sons and Daughters over the age of 23 of current Members may be eligible for their own Membership at a discounted Initiation Fee if they meet eligibility criteria. Interested in learning more on how you can keep the ANCC legacy within your family? Click here for more information.

Fort Richardson’s Armament Did You Know?

By the fall of 1861, following the first battle of Bull Run, construction of Fort Richardson was complete and the fort became an operational unit of what would ultimately be a complex of 68 enclosed earthen forts protecting Washington against the Confederate forces arrayed against the Capital. The fort was garrisoned by a detachment of the 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery Regiment, with a compliment of 13 field artillery pieces. Fort Richardson was also one of only five forts to include in its armament a 100-Pound Parrott Rifle which had the capability to fire a 100 pound shell up to 3,100 yards and an 80 pound projectile 7,810 yards. For more information on Fort Richardson and its armament and the ANCC Foundation’s efforts to publicize and memorialize Fort Richardson and other elements of the Club’s history, please click here .

To contact the ANCC Foundation, please visit our website or call 1(888)506-ANCC (2622).


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