“Danny, I wanted to thank you and the great staff for the help in evaluating the severity and providing treatment for rotator cuff problems inmy right shoulder. When I came in originally, I was concerned that I had wrenched it while using the rope tow at Alta and had exacerbated a tear that had been diagnosed by Dr. Charles Beck in 2016. I had some pain and was afraid to continue the weight workouts I had been doing regularly, fearing I might aggravate the tear. You evaluated my strength and range of motion and felt I was ok enough to work on strengthening the shoulder. I did the exercises you prescribed daily and was able to resume my weight work outs as well. I felt much more confident about not damaging my shoulder and have gotten stronger. My range of motion is better and I have not experienced any pain, hiking uphill with poles, playing golf, working out, sleeping and doingmy band exercises. Today you gave me a series of maintenance exercises to continue to work on in addition to the band work I have been doing. I feel prepared to discontinue formal physical therapy and work on my own, but I will certainly be back in touch with you if I get stuck or have problems. I wanted to mention that I particularly appreciated your app. The pictures and videos of the prescribed exercises made them clear and easy to follow. If I got off track, it was no problem getting back to doing them correctly. The app was far superior to the drawings and pictures I had been given in previous physical therapy settings. It’s been a pleasure working with you and your staff and would certainly highly recommend Canyon Sports Therapy, and you in particular, to anyone needing physical therapy services. Thanks again and stay well during this difficult time. All the best, JW” “I came to Canyon Sports Therapy after a second shoulder surgery to fix chronic dislocations. The experience at CST was incredible and a much better experience then my previous PT experience. The team at CST is incredibly knowledgeable, personable and make sure that everything they do is explained as to why they are doing it. I’mnow close to full strength and back to doing what I love thanks to CST.” —SW “I was having chronic back pain froman injury and once again came to Canyon Sports Therapy for my care. Ashley wasmy therapist, she was amazing! Along withmy very helpful treatments, she gave me wonderful explanation of the reasons for my exercises and the benefits that I would receive. I am now pain free and very knowledgeable on the ways to care for my body. Ashley made it happen and her magic hands were incredible!! Thanks again to CST, all the staff is wonderful and many times you have provided amazing care!!” — CD “I saw John Feig for PT. He was able to determine that my right hip was not working well and was causing my knee pain. It was verified by my x-ray. He worked on me because I was so prone to lose my balance which caused a few falls. My muscles in my legs got stronger and the pain in those areas reduced. I’m ready to have a hip replacement when the hospital reopens because of the corona virus outbreak. John did a superb job with me!” —CN

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