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“Wow! Rotator cuff rehab has been the longest rehab of all my surgeries. I had been warned that is would take up to a year. But 5 months later I’m good to go. Super big thanks to John and his crew for helping me back to full range of motion and strength. I’m kind of sorry that my rehab is over. I really enjoyed it.” —RK “I dislocatedmy wrist and had two surgeries following the accident. I came to CST with very little strength and almost no flexibility in the wrist. Ashley & Caleb were very helpful and attentive to my rehab plan. I’m coming out of therapy with almost all of my flexibility restored and strength is greatly improved. I have exercises to do at home so I can continue to work back to full strength again. Thanks all! I’ll be sure to recommend you!” —TA “Dear Danny, I want to THANK YOU for correctly diagnosing and treating the hip pain that I had been struggling with for over 6 months. After 4 months of seeing other doctors and receiving 3 separate cortisone injections into my hip joint, and a PRP procedure, I was still experiencing pain in my left hip when I first came to see you in January 2020. I was unable to climb stairs without pain, unable to sit comfortably, unable to sleep because of the pain, and was becoming weak from lack of ability or desire to be active because of the pain. You were able to replicate the pain in your office, and determined my pain was not in my hip joint, rather from a tear in a tendon/muscle connection, and set me up on exercises to strengthen my core and the muscles surrounding the tear area. I really made the most significant improvement though, after you did dry-needling: actually being pain-free the following day for the first time in months. Although the pain resumed a few days after that initial treatment, after several more dry-needling sessions with you and continuing my exercises at home, I began sleepingwithout pain and able to climb stairs and be active again . We recently returned from vacation where I was able to hike, bike, and do many activities I know I would not have been able to do without your treatment. I am still-pain-free in that hip. I would gladly recommend you and dry-needling to anyone considering that option. It truly helped me. Thank you! Sincerely, KH” “After one careless move, my shoulder was incapacitated. John took the time to carefully assess the situation and was even able to determine it was connected to a previous neck issue. Each visit with John, I got a little better. Thank you for your expertise and great bedside manner. You made what could have been a tough time much better, keeping me motivated and optimistic. Thank you!” —ES “After a traumatic patellar dislocation from a mountain biking accident, my competitive ski season was over. Ashley has helped me return to my full potential. I’ll be back competing on the FWQ after coronavirus is done… Thank you all!” —SR

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