Never Too Late March/April 2024

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ALTCS Workshops Learn about the Arizona Long Term Care System, including what it is, what it takes to be eligible for the program, and what kinds of services are available once a person becomes eligible. This workshop is a great place to start when you are considering ALTCS for yourself or for a loved one.


Do you know someone who has been on this earth 100 years?

Registration is required for both the in person workshop and online webinar. To register , go to: , or call Donna DeLeon at (520) 305-3450. Please join us on Zoom from your computer, tablet, or phone Date: April 24 Fourth Wednesday of each month 2:30 – 4 p.m. Location may be subject to change. Eventbrite registration will reflect the most up-to- date location information. The webinar is available by telephone or via Zoom on a computer or smart device. Please join us in person Date: March 27 Location: The Katie | 600 S Country Club Rd

Salute to Centenarians with our annual

Call TMC for Seniors at (520) 324-1960 (520) 324-1960 or email, to submit the individual’s name by Sunday, March 10, 2024.

For local citizens age 99 and over

We look forward to documenting and sharing their stories in our commemorative tribute book.

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Pima Council on Aging

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