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Raskob-Paulus Caregiver Skills Lab

When the words “in-home care” come to mind, nutrition is usually not the first word people think about. Nonetheless, nutrition plays a crucial role in helping keep people healthy and able to stay home to continue to receive care. If healthy nutrition is instilled and followed throughout one’s life, it can help prevent chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and much more. As one ages, the diet one chooses can be more impactful to the body, and therefore, it is important to consider healthier options, especially if there are pre-existing medical conditions. Recommended diets look different for each person based on their bodies and conditions. General recommendations people can follow are limiting sugar and carbohydrates. Consuming foods high in sugar can lead to uncontrolled glucose levels and can cause patients to be hospitalized and suffer long-term outcomes such as diabetes. If there is a caregiver in the home, talk to the caregiver to assist with meal preparation, and together, you can cook healthier options that include more vegetables and protein instead of carbohydrates and sugar. Caregivers can also help prep meals for later and store

them properly, so instead of heating up a high-sodium-packed frozen meal, you can enjoy a healthier option and heat up when hungry. Incorporate more vegetables in your meals when possible. Another important recommendation is drinking sufficient fluids. Keeping hydrated (especially in the winter, as people forget to drink water since it is not as hot) is very important. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration and sometimes hospitalizations. Put together a “hydration schedule” for your caregiver to help remind you to drink more water. Always check with your medical team before beginning a new diet or increasing fluid intake to ensure it is safe for your health. If you have questions about in-home care or need a caregiver, please contact us for a free in-home assessment. If you need more assistance in your home or are unclear if it is time to ask for help, you can always contact PimaCare at Home for a free in-home assessment. If you need more assistance in your home or are unclear if it is time to ask for help you can always contact PimaCare at Home for a free in-home assessment. (520) 305-3445


PimaCare at Home provides caregivers with training in our Raskob-Paulus Caregiver Skills Lab . Many times, people receive training in settings that do not resemble the actual work environment. Our skills lab is designed as a realistic home setting, providing a hands-on learning opportunity representative of what people may experience in their own homes. It is equipped with durable medical equipment (DME) and adaptive devices that can help people restore their independence, live with dignity, and remain safely in the comfort of their home. Using this skills lab and classroom, we provide caregivers with the highest quality of hands-on skills training combined with extensive caregiving knowledge, establishing a strong foundation for success for both the caregiver, their loved ones, and/or their future clients.

First Aid CPR Training

Gain the knowledge and confidence to save a life! Training can help save the life of someone from your family, job, or community! Location: 600 S. Country Club Rd. Tucson, AZ Register through Eventbrite to see available dates and locations. Don’t wait! Sign up now! (520) 305-3445

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