Never Too Late March/April 2024



Held in-person or virtually with Zoom

MARCH/APRIL Participation in the groups can be in person, by telephone, computer/tablet/ or smartphone with video. Support groups are a way to connect with others who are walking the journey of caregiving like you are. You get to SEE (if you use the video option) that you are not alone. You get to hear other’s challenges and successes, learn about helpful resources, know that your story matters and that you have been heard. Support groups are facilitated by a professional and are a safe place for you to express your concerns, frustrations, etc. and learn that others feel this way too. 3/12 & 4/9, 2nd Tuesday , 5:30–7pm Virtual ON ZOOM 3/14 & 4/11, 2nd Thursday , 1–2:30pm (East) In-Person 3/18 & 4/15, 3rd Monday , 1–2:30 pm (Midtown) In-Person 3/19 & 4/16, 3rd Tuesday , 10–11:30am (North) In-Person

To protect the confidentiality of the group sessions, access information will only be given to registered participants. Emails are sent out on Fridays with updated schedules and additional information. If you participated in the groups before COVID, and have not been receiving the emails, please check your junk or spam folder. To RSVP or if you have any questions, please contact: Tonetta Clay, Support Group Facilitator (520) 305-3405, 3/4 1st Monday , 1–2:30pm (East) In-Person 3/5 & 4/2, 1st Tuesday , 12–1:30pm (Oro Valley) In-Person 4/3 1st Wednesday , 1–2:30pm (East) In-Person 3/7 & 4/4, 1st Thursday, 1–2:30pm Virtual ON ZOOM 3/11 & 4/8, 2nd Monday , 1–2:30pm (Green Valley) In-Person

“We are all on the same journey and the support helps me recognize that others share the same insecurities and emotions that vary widely from day to day in the life of a caregiver.” -Support Group Attendee

3/21, 3rd Thursday , 1:30–3pm Virtual ON ZOOM 4/18, 3rd Thursday , 1:30–3pm

Virtual Mini Workshop: National Healthcare Decisions Day Event 3/25 & 4/22, 4th Monday , 11am–12:30pm Virtual ON ZOOM 3/26 & 4/23, 4th Tuesday , 9–10:30am (Southwest) In-Person

*NOTE: There will be no meetings on days where holidays are observed PLEASE RSVP for all groups. At all in-person meetings we continue to social distance and mask wearing is optional. To RSVP or if you have any questions, please contact: Tonetta Clay, Support Group Facilitator (520) 305-3405,

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