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HOME SAFETY: MYTHOR REALITY? MYTH • Homes are the safest place to be. • Making my home safer will cost too much. • Home modifications will make my home look like a hospital. • Rentersarenotallowedtomakechanges to their homes. REALITY • Homes can containmany safety hazards that, if not addressed, could cause a fall. • Many changes are inexpensive and easy, such as changing lighting and removing rugs. • There are many products designed to blend in with your home’s style and décor. • Under the Fair Housing Amendments Act, landlords must allow reasonable home modification requests. Stairs: † Put a lamp within easy reach by the bed † Make sure there is sufficient light along the path from the bedroom to the bathroom † Consider sitting down when dressing Lighting: † Place nightlights in hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, stairways, etc. † Install light switches at the top and bottom of stairs † Add lighting to dark spaces within your home

Be Balanced, Be Active, BE WELL

At any age, there are many things to consider and stay on top of to stay healthy and active. As we age, these considerations can change and some become even more important. Despite our best efforts, we tend to accumulate medications which can have side effects and interactions that can make you feel dizzy or light-headed, which can increase your risk of falling. Also despite our best efforts, vision changes occur as a natural part of aging, and if you can’t see correctly, especially in low light, you can’t avoid tripping over an object that might be in your way. Joint pain can also affect many aspects of your well-being that directly affect your ability to balance. When there is pain, getting in your daily physical activity and exercise becomes harder, which can lead to weaknesses in important muscle groups, which correlates with an increased risk of falling. Joint pain itself can also lead to difficulties with walking and balancing, two more things correlated with increased risk of falling. The good news is that there lots of things you can do to mitigate the negative effects of these normal effects of aging. For starters, you can see your primary care provider regularly to discuss your medication and any vision changes you might be noticing. But, Floors and Rugs: † Arrange furniture so there are clear walking pathways † Remove clutter and wires/cords running along the floor † Make sure all floor boards are even and rugs are secured to the floor Bathroom: † Make sure you can get into and out of the tub or shower easily † Place non-slip strips in tub or shower

to address many of the things that become important to consider as we age, see your PT! PTs are well-versed in assessing your risk for falls and can provide you with individualized plans to get you back to being balanced, active, and well. Whether it’s going over ways to make your home safer, designing a good program to address any weaknesses, addressing any joint pain you may have, or directly helping you with your balance, your PT can help you get back to living the life you want to live! Mid-Summer Check In! Are youmissing out on fun summer activities because you worry that your lack of balance might make you fall? Stuck in a beach chair this summer as you watch all the fun activities – all because of your pain, swelling, or stiffness? Your balance can be restored! Call The Training Room today to schedule your Mid-Summer Check In! Your therapist can help you get up and moving, and back to having fun this summer!


† Mount grab bars at toilet, bath, and shower Kitchen: † Place heavier and frequently used items within easy reach † Make sure you have a sturdy stepladder with a safety bar at the top to hold on to Bedrooms: † Put a lamp within easy reach by the bed † Make sure there is sufficient light along the path from the bedroom to the bathroom † Consider sitting down when dressing

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