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The Doctrine of Good Works Reclaiming a Neglected Protestant Teaching Thomas H. McCall, Caleb T. Friedeman, and Matt T. Friedeman In Titus, Paul says Christ redeemed a people “zealous for good works.” Despite this declaration and others like it, the doctrine of good works has fallen on hard times in contemporary Protestant theology and practice. At best, it’s neglected—as in most systematic theologies and in too much church teaching. At worst, it’s viewed with suspi- cion—as a threat to salvation by grace alone through faith alone. In this important work addressing a significant gap in current theo - logical literature, the authors argue that by jettisoning a doctrine of good works, the contemporary church contradicts historical Protes- tantism and, more importantly, biblical teaching. They combine their areas of expertise—exegesis, systematic and historical theology, and practical theology—to help readers recover and embrace a positive doctrine of good works. They survey historical Protestant teaching to show the importance of the doctrine to our forebears, engage the scriptural testimony on the role of good works, formulate a theology of salvation and good works, and explore pastoral applications. This book will appeal to professors and students of theology and ministry as well as those who have been taught to be suspicious of good works.

“Good works are often a neglected or misunderstood theme in the Scriptures. McCall, Friedeman, and Friedeman correct many misconceptions and set forth their own understanding in this important work.” —THOMAS SCHREINER, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

JULY 2023 • 240 pp. • paper • $27.99 • 9781540965202

Thomas H. McCall (PhD, Calvin Theological Seminary) is Timothy C. and Julie M. Tennent Professor of Theology at Asbury Theological Seminary. He previously taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and was a professorial fellow at the University of St. Andrews. Caleb T. Friedeman (PhD, Wheaton College) is David A. Case Chair of Theology and Ministry and associate professor of New Testa- ment at Ohio Christian University. Matt T. Friedeman (PhD, University of Kansas) is John M. Case Chair of Evangelism and Discipleship at Wesley Biblical Seminary.

CONTENTS Introduction: Recovering an Essential Doctrine 1. Truly Good and Actually Necessary: Good Works in Protestant Theology 2. The Greatest Commandments Announced: Good Works in the Old Testament 3. The Greatest Commandments Fulfilled: Good Works in the New Testament 4. Holiness as Love of God and Love of Neighbor: Toward a Theology of Good Works 5. The Working Church: Case Studies in Living Faith 6. Strategic Pastoral Leadership: Toward Valuing Works in the Local Church Conclusion: United with Christ, Filled with the Spirit, Zealous for Good Works Indexes


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