Conference Agenda Monday, June 17th, 2019

• What capabilities is blockchain bringing to leasing and financing? • What impact will real estate tokenization have on deal flow, partnership structures and originations? Panelists: Darren Wesemann, EVP-Chief Innovation Officer, BERKADIA Zac Rosenberg, Director, GREYSTONE LABS Jonathan Schultz, Managing Principal, ONYX EQUITIES, LLC Perrin Quarshie, CEO & Founder, REALBLOCKS Technology is allowing for more sophisticated analysis of investment data pertaining to qualified opportunity zones. This panel gathers real estate investors to demonstrate how they are combining FinTech and PropTech solutions to close more deals using the new tax-advantaged community development tool. • How are real estate investors using these tech-enabled data mining tools to navigate opportunity zone investments across property types? • How are data analytics and proprietary data models being used in market intelligence? • What tech-driven solutions are helping real estate decision-makers close opportunity zones deals before their competitors do? • How is technology improving transparency between the public and private sectors? • What software tools are real estate investors using to make the most of QOZ (qualified opportunity zone) tax incentives? Panelists: Kyle Walker, Managing Partner , AGORA ALTX Josh Mandell, President/COO, GATEWAY COMPANIES Aviva Fink, VP of Client Success, REONOMY • What innovations in construction materials are helping to improve the durability, health and cost of buildings? • What technologies are being used to enhance building envelopes and make structures more climate-resilient? • What kinds of questions should building owners be asking their vendors to stay ahead of these innovations? • Which tech applications are being used to deliver deeper intelligence into portfolio-wide energy performance, and helping owners meet sustainability objectives?

• How are real estate companies using technology to manage construction risk this late in the cycle? What kind information is guiding the decision to pursue cash flow vs. construction vs. value-added strategies? • From modular building to offsite construction, robotics and 3-D printing, which tech-enabled solutions are helping control development and labor costs? What are the latest implementations in large-scale developments? Panelists: Avish Bhalani, Senior Regional Sales Manager, DISTECH CONTROLS Hemant Chavan, Development Director, GEMDALE USA CORPORATION • How are real estate companies using technology to improve workflow among property management teams? • How are real estate companies using drones for property and facility management? Can drones offer deeper insights into value-add opportunities? What other innovations are having a meaningful impact on property and facility management? • How are virtual reality and augmented reality impacting facilities management? • What software is having the greatest impact on accounting? How can these solutions be improved? How do you prepare your software for CAM reconciliations? • How do property managers handle the tenant experience during the maintenance and rehab process? • What’s the process for deciding on a modest vs. extensive rehab? What incentives are available for rehab projects? What do financing terms look like? • How are real estate business leaders managing IoT device integration across large portfolios? What are their pain points, and which solutions are proving effective? Beyond streamlining utility management, how can IoT be used to better automate building systems and, in turn, improve the resident and tenant experience? • Which marketing and lease-renewals apps are most appealing to tenants? What apps are improving tenant communications? Panelists: Taylor Wiederkehr, Director of Innovation Services, BH MANAGEMENT SERVICES Guy Blachman, CARSON Russell Alt, Director, Operations, CRESTCORE REALTY LLC Andreis Lewis, CEO, RADIUS PROPERTIES Robert Morgenstern, Principal, MORGENSTERN CAPITAL Sean Miller, President, POINTCENTRAL Jonathan Robbins, COO, SMA EQUITIES 3:00 PM Property Management, Maintenance & Rehab Technology Best Practices

12:30 PM Merge FinTech & PropTech to Close More Opportunity Zone Deals

1:15 PM Luncheon 2:15 PM Future-Proofing & Managing Risk from the Ground Up

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