Conference Agenda Monday, June 17th, 2019

3:45 PM Networking Break 4:15 PM VCs & The Thirst for Real Estate Tech

• What distinguishes investment in real estate vs. investment in tech startups? Where do co-living, co-working and discount brokerage models fit in? Moderator: Kurt Ramierez, Partner, NINE FOUR VENTURES Panelists: Jake Fingert, General Partner, CAMBER CREEK Daniel Fetner, Chief of Staff, CORIGIN Andrew Ackerman, Managing Director, DREAMIT Zak Schwarzman, Partner, METAPROP VENTURES Ed Walters, Partners, TAMARISC VENTURES

The real estate tech landscape is now crowded with software and technology firms backed by institutional-grade and venture capital, with established real estate owners and operators driving the accelerated pace of M&A. This panel takes a deeper look into what projects are getting funded and where the market may go in the next few years. • What are the latest capital raises in the real estate technology space? How are investors likely to approach the sector in the next few years? • As more money pours into the space and valuations begin to climb into the sub-billion range, how much higher can the space climb? • What’s behind the trend of family offices dedicating more of their portfolios towards early-stage investing? How will this influence the way the GPs invest? What sort of deals will be sourced, and how will this impact today’s founders? • What do headwinds in the public market mean for investment in real estate technology?

4:30 PM Startup Showdown

A curated group of PropTech startups, each with a disruptive idea and a few minutes to pitch to our audience. Stay tuned to the end of the conference to see whose idea wins!

5:30 PM Networking Reception 6:30 PM Day One Concludes

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast for Conference Attendees 9:00 AM Tech Effects in Multifamily & Single Family Rental (SFR) Real Estate • How much runway is left in terms of

• Could modular housing solve the housing industry’s worsening labor and affordability issues? • With more people working from home, how should residential rental properties be designed to address this trend? • What kind of connectivity considerations should property owners make? In the early stages of the design process, how can project teams ensure that units can incorporate all the connected devices now, and after 5 years of additional IoT innovation? • Is smart home technology a wise investment? Which utility apps are helping owners cut costs? • What types of services are co-living spaces offering to attract residents? • How are workplaces and living spaces being designed to address the needs of multigenerational occupants? • How do you educate office landlords and tenants about PropTech? How do you ensure all stakeholders are on the same page? Panelists: David Namkoong, Account Executive, RENTLY KEYLESS Jeff Adler, VP, Matrix, YARDI SYSTEMS

multifamily price growth? What strategies are investors targeting to achieve upside in such a robust market? • What is the long-term outlook for the single- family rental market? Are there headwinds around the corner, or is a bull run just beginning? • How are multifamily and single-family rental

operators using technology to manage operating costs, rehab and maintenance? • What do trends in the housing market mean for the growth of residential rental real estate? 9:45 AM All Together Now: Macro Trends & the Sharing Economy

• How can management and landlords to harness the power of PropTech to better engage and serve multigenerational tenants and residents? • With homebuilders facing headwinds, which housing tech platforms are poised to disrupt the market in the next few years?

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