Real Estate as a Service

by Roofstock


eal estate investors already have a lot to think about,

make more money while saving time.

uation and a host of other factors. The good news for investors is that companies are rapidly creating technology working to replace a lot of those assumptions. For example, using appraisals for property valu- ation is a dated method that looks backward and neglects a lot of fac- tors in the true value of a property. Companies like HouseCanary are applying data-driven valuation models for residential real estate to find a bet- ter way to value property with a more reliable and transparent solution. Within the context of an online real estate marketplace for rental homes, Roofstock provides propri- etary data and underwriting on each property listing to give investors the necessary information for better decision-making.

including managing a portfolio, evaluating new investments and assessing movements in the mar- ket. Technology is having a profound impact on the way all of these func- tions and more are done to better serve investors across the industry. “Real estate as a service” is a phrase that Roofstock’s CEO Gary Beasley uses to define a new market of tools and platforms that are re- moving geographic constraints and reducing friction in the traditional real estate transaction process. Investor returns have historically been limited by these constraints. However, as technology removes these hurdles and increases the speed of deal flow, investors can


BETTER DECISION-MAKING Making investment decisions,

whether it’s evaluating risk or gaug- ing potential upside, is a major com- ponent of real estate investing. The ability to make good decisions often depends on how much information you have available. Without access to reliable data and insights, it’s difficult for any investor to make well-informed de- cisions. Instead they have to rely on unreliable assumptions related to the market, property condition, val-


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