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Jessups Falls review begins


The beginning of November saw the first gathering of what will be a long provincial review process on the Official Plan for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell that began this month. The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) held its first pre-hearing session in counties council chambers in L’Orignal Nov. 2, dealing with appeals to the OMB from the Prescott- Russell area concerning the parts of the Official Plan (OP) centering on the Jessup Falls Escarpment. RichardMakush of the OMB chaired the Wednesday morning session, listening to legal counsel for both the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) and others listed as participants and interested parties in the case. “It seems obvious that we need another pre-hearing conference,” saidMakush, after the first hour of listening to various legal counsels bring up concerns about both their clients’ issues and also questions from the gallery about legal procedure for the OMB review. Both Makush and all the lawyers agreed to adjourn the pre-hearing to April next year. During the time in between legal counsels for all involved in the appeal will confer, through emails, by phone, and/or in person to try and consolidate the lists of issues filed in the case.That consolidated list will then be

La semaine dernière, les bureaux des Comtés unis ont servi de lieu pour l’audience préliminaire avec la Commission des affaires municipales de l’Ontario au sujet de l’escarpement de Jessups Falls. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

the subject of the April pre-hearing session. Following a brief recess, Makush

announced that he was able to schedule the appeal case for a confirmed five-week hearing date next fall, in L’Orignal, fromOct. 2 to Nov. 3. He dismissed a suggestion for a teleconferencing option as part of the OMB review process. “With this number of parties (involved),” he said, “it’s just unmanageable.” The Jessups Falls Escarpment is the centre of the controversy over the current UCPR Official Plan.The previous plan had the area listed as an aggregatemineral source, which is important for a local developer who wants to build an asphalt plant there.

During the mandatory review process for revising the Official Plan, counties council, in response to a grassroots lobby effort, removed the aggregate resources designation from the escarpment. This also blocked the proposed asphalt plant development. The provincial government, when it reviewed the revised-and-approved OP, restored the aggregate resources designation for the escarpment. Several area residents objected and filed appeals so thematter is now before the OMB.


The Upper Canada District School Board will be holding Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) public meetings for the Building for the Future Pupil Accommodation Review. The purpose of the ARC public meetings is to receive information from the public in response to the draft recommendations for school closures and consolidations presented in an Initial Staff Report that was received by the Board of Trustees on September 28, 2016. A copy of that report, additional information, and a link to an online survey in response to the draft recommendations presented in the report are available through the “Accommodation Review” link on the UCDSB main page at The first public meeting scheduled for the Prescott-Russell Family of Schools is: To confirm which public meeting applies to your local school, contact your school office or visit the “Recommendations by Family of Schools” page at, then click on your school family in the column at left. The meeting will also be livestreamed at the following link: Members of the public who are interested in making a presentation at these ARC public meetings should review the ARC Guide for Delegations, noting the process and timelines for receiving requests. This information can be found at: For more information concerning the Building for the Future Pupil Accommodation Review call 1-800-267-7131, or email Thursday, November 10, 2016 Rockland District High School 1004 St. Joseph Street, Rockland 6:30 p.m.

Le BSEO lance une vidéo en ligne Leur impact sur la santé est plus grand que n’importe quels soins de santé que les gens recevront tout au long de leur vie.


Le Bureau de santé de l’est de l’Ontario (BSEO) a lancé une nouvelle vidéo qui s’in- titule Engageons le dialogue sur la santé . La vidéo a été produite dans le but de sensibiliser les résidents de Cornwall et des

C’est dans cette perspective que le BSEO examine les DSS pour tous les résidents de Cornwall et des cinq comtés de l’Est, dans le but de s’assurer que ces facteurs ont un effet positif au lieu de négatif dans la vie des

cinq comtés de l’Est aux divers facteurs, à l’extérieur du sys- tème de santé, qui ont un effet sur leur santé, et qui sont aussi appelés les dé- terminants sociaux de la santé (DSS). Quelques exemples de DSS sont la si- tuation sociale et économique des

gens. À la longue, le processus devrait hausser la qualité de vie des résidents de la région et dimi- nuer la pression sur le système des soins de santé. Les gens qui désirent visionner la vidéo peuvent consulter la nouvelle section sur les DSS,

La vidéo a été produite dans le but de sensibiliser les résidents de Cornwall et des cinq comtés de l’Est aux divers facteurs, à l’extérieur du système de santé, qui ont un effet sur leur santé, et qui sont aussi appelés les déterminants sociaux de la santé (DSS).

résidents, leur niveau de scolarité, l’environ- nement dans lequel ils se trouvent chaque jour à la maison, à l’école ou au travail. Autrement dit, les DSS sont les circons- tances dans lesquelles les gens naissent, grandissent, vivent, travaillent et vieillissent.

sur le site Web du BSEO, en allant à www., cliquant sur Santé et collectivité dans la fenêtre à gauche et ensuite sur Les déterminants sociaux de la santé dans la liste des sujets.

Jeff McMillan

Stephen Sliwa

Chair of the Board

Director of Education

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