The Great North Wrestling: a night of complete insanity

Le lutteurMaximumTestosterone pose pour la foule avant de braver le ring contre deux opposants. C’était salle comble au complexe sportif Robert Hartley pour les matches de lutte de la Great NorthWrestling, le 5 novembre. Les lutteurs ont pu démontrer leur charisme et prouesse athlétique tout en interagissant avec la foule disjonctée. —photo Maxime Myre

Wrestler Carl Leduc showing off before leaping ontoThe Green Phantom. —photo Maxime Myre

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wrestled to a 15minute draw and Maximum Testosterone defeated both Amanuel Hassan & Idris Nawabi in a handicap match. Lady Yasmine was disqualified in her match vs Stefany Sinclair and Freak Nation defeated Catalyst and CJ Phelony. The Spoiler and Jacques Lamoureux won a three way tag team elimination match over La Resistance andThe Pretty Valuable Players. In a best of 3 falls match, Nathan Ban- ner and Wes Brisco, exchanged 2 falls and Banner won the third fall. At the last match, Hannibal, the reigning champion, pinned Rick Steiner to retain the GNW Canadian heavyweight Championship.

It was a full house for the wrestling event which took place at the Robert Hartley Sport Complex onNovember 5.The Great North Wrestling sure knows how to put on a show. The crowd was as much into the fights as the wrestlers themselves. The crowd cheered, booed and even threatened the unfazed pro-wrestlers walking towards the ring. Once in the ring, the wrestlers showed off their acting talents and athletic prowess to a cheerful and engaged crowd. The Green Phantom and Carl Leduc

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