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My birthday is Nov. 5, and for this reason, my team thought it would be fitting for me to take some time this month to talk about my journey into the world of real estate. Most of the people reading this article know that Chris Prefontaine is my dad, so it would be fairly easy for me to say that I wanted to work here at Smart Real Estate Coach simply because he did. While that’s true, the real story is far more complex. When I was 14, I got into a snowboard accident that left me in a coma for three weeks. The doctors told my parents that even if I fully came out of the coma, I would have to teach myself how to eat, talk, and walk again. Miraculously, after only two months in inpatient rehabilitation and six months in outpatient rehabilitation, I was able to return to my life, but I did so with a new perspective.

family, if I could go back to that day on the mountain, I wouldn’t change a thing. I honestly don’t remember any stress. This is the result of my parents always keeping me focused on the positive and the goals in front of me. Even while I was in a coma, they kept the doctors from giving them grim news in front of me. That injury taught me so much about myself. I took that knowledge with me on my voyage into real estate. “That injury taught me so much about myself.” When I was 15, I remember digging deck footings for various “raise the roof” projects that my parents were working on. The results of their hard work and success sparked my interest in real estate. In fact, right after I got my driver’s license, my cousin Mike and I went to our first seminar, an ugly house boot camp by Ron LeGrand. We

came back from that trip equipped with basic real estate knowledge and started knocking on the doors of homes that were in the preforeclosure stage. Back in 2005, if homeowners missed mortgage payments, their names went on a Notice of Default list. I would take those lists, go to the houses in question, and talk with the residents. Mike and I spent a few days in San Diego with one of if not the top guys in the country who was having massive success knocking on preforeclosure doors. Observing this taught us exactly what we had to know to help people who, more often than not, were stuck in problematic financial situations. By the end of high school, I was knocking on 50–70 doors a day. After I graduated, I traveled to West Hollywood for an intensive two-day training on real estate investment. I remember flying home from that

While this experience caused severe emotional trauma and stress for my




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