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HOW THE MILITARY CREATED A LOVE FOR THE LAW The Paradigm Alignment That Facilitates My Passion

I made the decision to leave the military because I had my son and his future to think about. I wanted to be present in his life. But more than that, I wanted to model selflessness for him while also fulfilling my passion for serving others. In the military, there are no questions about right and wrong. I got to serve others and do great things in the world. That’s what I fell in love with, and it’s the exact reason I became an attorney. We’re personal injury attorneys. We put our money on the line for what is right. I never have to go home and wonder if I’m doing the right thing. It may cost a lot of money to get there, but every day I get to serve someone in the same selfless capacity that I did in the military. I get to work with people who encompass the same moral paradigms I do. I may have my cases questioned, but never my motives. Becoming an attorney was the perfect calling for my life because it exemplifies the same ideals that the military did. One of the ways I attempt to serve others is by functioning as a translator. I accompany many clients to depositions and settlement conferences to make sure every client is represented to the fullest, regardless of language barrier. Spanish is so nuanced, and this makes translations complicated. I was at a hearing once, and the witness kept referencing “cintura.” The translator was from Puerto Rico and interpreted what the witness was saying as “his belt hurt.” But what he

meant was “my waist.” This may seem small, but in the law, details are everything.

I once had to stop a three-week trial because of a poor translation. The court was being misled, and the jury wasn’t getting the proper information. I had to object, and the jury had to be pulled out of the room to put the translator on the stand. I was the only one who caught it. We deal with serious accidents, so when it comes to a mistranslation, the repercussions can be severe.

“Becoming an attorney was the perfect calling for my life because it exemplifies the same ideals that the military did.”

A key part of my life was being in the Army and serving my country for 11 years. It defined me, and I look back fondly on my time there. The part I loved the most was the ability to commit to a calling that was bigger than myself, with people who demonstrated similar values. When I got out, I found I really missed that. I didn’t fully understand why, though, because it had been grueling. When I took the time to reflect, I realized that it wasn’t the long days and complicated issues that I missed. Getting away from the grind was actually a very healthy thing for me and my family. What I missed was the service, selflessness, the dedication to others.

Serving others and standing up for what is right will always be at the core of my values. It’s not just me, either. It’s what our boutique firm is built on. Everyone I get the pleasure of working with shares these ideals. It’s what gives us such a high success rate and makes what we do so meaningful. Our success is not because of what we do, but because of who we are.

–Freddy Saavedra

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