IndiesVoice Magazine March 2023



Tyler Gilbert

JMA Rock Artist of the Year

Please walk us through what a standard day looks like for you as a music artist. I am currently in the process of working on a new album so my typical day lately is spending many hours in my home studio. It all starts with being head-butted by King, he’s this lovely fuzzy kitty that lives with me, haha we are best friends. Usually, by noon I’m in the creating zone in my studio with my guitar in hand I record multiple takes tweaking, and getting it just right in ProTools. Once I feel good about what I’ve come up with I bounce a .wav fle to my phone and will I do my driving errands listening over and over to the track all the while thinking about what else it needs or what needs fxing. Usually, later in the day, I get more on the business side of things, checking emails, and doing social media posts. That is pretty much what my days consist of lately. At other times of the year my days are flled with a lot of emailing for booking shows, and radio stations on the release of a song. There is always a lot of time spent on promoting my music. After this phase, days are spent driving around on tour and loading gear in and out, and performing at night.

A Day i te Lie o Artist Tyle Gibet By Tinamarie Passantino

As an independent music artist, you must wear many hats,

What do you love most about being a performing music artist?

other than performing, what is one thing that you feel you have become extremely good at on the business side of making music and why? When you’re starting you don’t realize all the things you will have to learn and become decent at because the budget is not there to hire a team to do all the work. Two things come to mind, booking shows and Photoshop for making promotional items. I would have to say of these booking shows would probably be my best second hat. I fnd it very exciting to map and plan routes for tours. After 20 years of booking shows and contacting venues I have it down to a very strict routine and I think that’s why it works so well for me.

I love the whole concept that when you play your music, these songs started from nothing, a blank slate formed by an idea and they end up in the physical realm for everyone to listen to. Performing those songs takes it to a whole other level where I’m able to see the ones listening and see their reactions to these songs that started from an idea. Please tell us about one of the music goals that you have set for the next 5 years. I would love to release 3 or 4 albums within that time. Could be a high task, could do 2 but I’ll give it my best shot, albums always take a little longer than you plan.



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