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Nate Venturelli "Man of Steel"

A Letter From The Editor-In-Chief

Dear readers,

I believe that your love for independent music brought you here. Music is now essential for each one of us. Whether you create music or just enjoy it, this magazine is for you. We are infuenced & inspired by the message of the song & how the music artist gives life to every note & lyric created by the songwriter. Music is the key to unity as well. In this month’s edition, we featured the values of music, songwriters & artists. The life lessons that could inspire us to be one of them. If you are wondering about the life of artists, we have stories inside just for you. You will also fnd out what is new in the independent music world and stay in the know about everything Josie Music Awards related. On behalf of my purely talented & creative team, we thank you our valued readers for your continuous support. Keep an eye out for our next issue to release in June. Happy reading!


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Magazine Writers Kathryn Shipley Tinamarie Passantino

Respectfully yours,

Tinamarie Passantino

Tinamarie Passantino

Editor-in-Chief, IndiesVoice Magazine





Tyler Gilbert

JMA Rock Artist of the Year

Please walk us through what a standard day looks like for you as a music artist. I am currently in the process of working on a new album so my typical day lately is spending many hours in my home studio. It all starts with being head-butted by King, he’s this lovely fuzzy kitty that lives with me, haha we are best friends. Usually, by noon I’m in the creating zone in my studio with my guitar in hand I record multiple takes tweaking, and getting it just right in ProTools. Once I feel good about what I’ve come up with I bounce a .wav fle to my phone and will I do my driving errands listening over and over to the track all the while thinking about what else it needs or what needs fxing. Usually, later in the day, I get more on the business side of things, checking emails, and doing social media posts. That is pretty much what my days consist of lately. At other times of the year my days are flled with a lot of emailing for booking shows, and radio stations on the release of a song. There is always a lot of time spent on promoting my music. After this phase, days are spent driving around on tour and loading gear in and out, and performing at night.

A Day i te Lie o Artist Tyle Gibet By Tinamarie Passantino

As an independent music artist, you must wear many hats,

What do you love most about being a performing music artist?

other than performing, what is one thing that you feel you have become extremely good at on the business side of making music and why? When you’re starting you don’t realize all the things you will have to learn and become decent at because the budget is not there to hire a team to do all the work. Two things come to mind, booking shows and Photoshop for making promotional items. I would have to say of these booking shows would probably be my best second hat. I fnd it very exciting to map and plan routes for tours. After 20 years of booking shows and contacting venues I have it down to a very strict routine and I think that’s why it works so well for me.

I love the whole concept that when you play your music, these songs started from nothing, a blank slate formed by an idea and they end up in the physical realm for everyone to listen to. Performing those songs takes it to a whole other level where I’m able to see the ones listening and see their reactions to these songs that started from an idea. Please tell us about one of the music goals that you have set for the next 5 years. I would love to release 3 or 4 albums within that time. Could be a high task, could do 2 but I’ll give it my best shot, albums always take a little longer than you plan.



A Day In The Lie

Tyler Gilbert Website:

Will you share with us some of your standout experiences this past year? Last year I had some amazing things happen musically, defnitely, the one that shines the brightest is winning “Rock Artist of the Year” at the Josie Music Awards and on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry was incredible. The other great things that happened were my song was used on a national TV show “Billion Dollar Idea” on Fox Business TV. I also signed a deal with an Italian record label Wormholedeath, and I worked with a booking agent for the frst time. Is there anything you wish you could change in the music industry? I would love to see better payouts from royalties for songwriters and better payouts from streaming platforms for artists. Can you tell us what you are currently working on? I am putting the fnishing touches on a new album titled “The Dreamer” which will be released this May. It is an 11-track album that is on the softer side, and fairly happy sounding which is not common for my music. I am also working on another new album that will come out next year, so my 2 album in 5 years is doable. The second album is a big sway into hard rock. I will also be doing some shows in Vegas this spring.

Thank you so much Tyler for allowing us a peek into your music world!

Trace Thompson Songwriters "BLOCK" During a song, you may say, “what amazing lyrics or this singer sounds so good. But do you ever hear at the forefront of a conversation “who wrote that song” …. Many times, our mindsets do not think like that. As a singer trying to fnd my path in songwriting, I always try to give Kudos to my songwriters, to help give them more exposure and connect with others, that are looking for new music. There is an organization that has been around since 2013, called Global Songwriters Connection (GSC) that I heard about when I had a few songwriters involved in some of my projects over the last few years and even now. The founder Sheree’ Spoltore’ has breathed so much passion from her heart, to create a platform for songwriters, for them to connect, and help them hone their skills on another level with their peers. This organization has given these songwriters a “fast track” so to speak to grow, in the industry through encouragement, empowerment, and giving them the tools and resources for professional and personal growth. Well, there is a Singer, that has won several Indie awards but now he is emerging on the scene even more so as a Songwriter. This person is also a part of the GSC, and for this segment of Writer’s “Block,” I am going to take you a bit into the Journey of, Singer/Songwriter- Trace Thompson who hails from Greenwood, Indiana. Trace recently added awards to his shelf at the well-renowned and Largest Indie Artist Awards show The Josie Music Awards. This was held at the historic Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee. Not only did Trace bring home two awards for songwriting, but he also received the Humanitarian Award of the Year. His continued inspirational efforts for the “Give Back Jam” he started a few years back are growing. What many don’t know, is Trace served as a frst responder at a Fire Department. This helped Trace fnd a way to help others in his community with his tireless efforts through the “Give Back Jam.”. With his faith and family- frst attitude, he has a great tribe that is rooting for him on so many levels, led by his lovely wife Dana and children, Riley, Brayden, Claire, and Eli. Trace has not given up being a singer, but his wheels are turning, creating a passion to write more and work with artists on all age levels, such as award-winning indie artist Jackson Snelling. Buckle up and enjoy this article about this fella who is on the “Block” of becoming a household name as a songwriter, that you want your next hit to come from. Enjoy ya’ll… by Kathryn Shipley

And if you want to learn more about Trace Thompson music, songwriting, and charitable endeavors– Below are some of his Social Media tags and Website you can dig into: Website:





YouTube: 0eSmJKQW-gbAWhTaJKg



Songwriter Trace Thompson

Interview by Kathryn Shipley (KShip)

KShip: Trace thanks for joining me today, I felt compelled to reach out to you and share your story of something that we don’t read articles about in the Indie world of things, which is the Songwriter…Even though we all love you as an indie artist, you have now splashed onto the scene, and are swimming well amongst some of the top songwriters in the indie world. I know you write a lot of your songs, but how does it feel to write for others now, and collab with others, and when did you decide to ramp it up more to do songwriting with and for other folks? Trace Thompson: Oh wow…You’re blowing out of the gate as an interviewer, Kship! This could be such a long answer, but I could best sum it up as searching my heart a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong. I love being on stage, and there are very few things you can compare to the energy of an engaged audience. But as I started making headway on the artist's path, I had to ask myself what I could do in music to keep balance in my life. When I started performing again in 2012, I planned to stay single, book a hundred shows a year, do regional radio tours, etc…, and I think God had a good laugh at that. He had bigger plans for me which included blessing me with a beautiful bride, a blended family, and a growing career. After a bit, I could tell I was pressing too hard, and I felt myself constantly trying to bring that balance back even though my wife, Dana, supported my dream through it all. I’m very thankful for her grace and support through all of that as I had some selfsh moments. I'm pretty sure I have never been asked this question specifcally, but I appreciate it. I always keep things real even when it is uncomfortable, but I remember the exact moment I decided to shift my focus to songwriting if you want to hear it. I was literally at sound check at a larger venue that afternoon. I had run myself into the ground from running, prepping, and plugging this show for this last month. I also was feeling some guilt for missing the kids’ school event that afternoon, but I was battling my own emotions knowing I had worked for three years to even get into this venue to perform. At that time, I had two singles of my debut “Get It Right” album land on national syndication, recently won a radio network award, had a handful of artist nominations for the JMAs, and I think I had opened for three national country artists all that summer taking my total to something like a dozen national artists or something. Booking agents, band rehearsals, writing, industry meetings, promotions…I was full steam ahead. I should have been on Cloud 9, as my wife and I had spent the evening before talking about my frst legit artist development deal that we were presented with that week. It was everything I had set out to accomplish, but once I got there, I froze. I didn’t feel the same fulfllment I had started with seven years prior even though I had this dream since elementary school. That’s a scary place to fnd yourself if I’m being honest. At that point, I wasn’t just questioning what I was doing; I was questioning who I thought I was. So, I took my guitar of, walked of the stage, and I sat in the very back row of the auditorium. I had hit a wall, and I prayed for guidance…I turned it all over to Him at that moment. I can’t tell you much about the performance that night, but it’s safe to say it wasn’t the quality & passion I like to bring. In the following weeks, I turned down the artist development deal, was awarded a JMA award as the only 2x Modern Country Male Artist, and I connected with Kerry & Lynn Chater who had been through this shift from artist to writer themselves. And truthfully, they excelled at it! From that moment forward, I never looked back as every single person they connected me with was full of passion, and a love for God, and well, they were doing what God intended them to do as they food radio waves today with too much gold & platinum albums to count. I’m thankful for that journey and lesson, and I get up every day thankful to mold a song. KShip: Many don’t know you were a frst responder; I can say your kind of still are a “frst responder” because of what you are doing for not only the, “Give Back Jam” Charity but you have quite a few other charities, that you and your wife Dana are pouring your heart into. Can you touch on a few of these Charities, and how it’s played into your family life, and your professional career? Trace Thompson: I grew up around the fre & police service, so it kind of became a default path for me in my early years. My dad passed away when I was almost six years old after complications from serving in the army during Vietnam, and my mom remarried a few years later. So I kind of inherited that way of thinking as my Grandpa was a County Sherif and Town Marshall almost all of his life in addition to being a farmer, and my stepdad was also on the sherif’s department for a bit. However, his passion was the fre service where he served as Chief or Asst. Chief for probably close to a decade. They even dedicated one of the stations in his honor while he was still living. So that’s saying something in my opinion. As for me, I had a good run as a frefghter for fve years. I remember playing guitar in the engine bays with my crew in between runs and just always having a good time. I still have many of those friendships today, and I love that! There’s something that happens to your heart when you “serve” others regardless of what it is. Military, police, fre & EMS, teachers…there’s just something unexplainable about being in an uncontrollable environment and working together for the betterment of someone else even when you are at risk. My hats of to all of them, and I continue to help them by performing at charity events and special functions including school drives whenever I can.

I LOVE “GIVE BACK JAM”, and it’s kind of my baby to be honest! I look forward to this event all year! We are about to host our fourth show later this February due to rescheduling last November. The idea started a few months into the Covid pandemic. Everyone was holed up in their homes, businesses were sufering, and so were people’s emotions. I remember talking to my lead guitarist, Jason, to see if he would feel comfortable coming over to my garage to go live on Facebook to raise money. The idea was to use that money to create a tab at three locally owned restaurants for frst responders to have a “meal” on the community. A form of appreciation, and something to bring folks together…virtually. Our goal was $700 dollars, and our viewers blew way past that almost tripling our goal. Since then, we host one every year, and the whole band is engaged and a radio DJ! We get to host this show in my favorite venue now, and 100% of the proceeds go to charity. Last year we helped foster families with donations that fed over 100 homes for Thanksgiving. The upcoming show is all about supporting awareness for abuse, and 100% of those proceeds will help dozens of families who are trying to escape those situations, as well as get back on their feet. I’m really honored to just be a part of it, and I’m excited to share that our fellow indie artist, Jackson Snelling, is going to be joining us at GBJ IV!

KShip : What are your future plans as far as your music career, will you focus more on songwriting? Are any exciting projects coming up that your fans need to know about?

Trace Thompson: My plans are simple. Whatever He has planned for me, is just the way it is going to go. I’ve already accomplished more and helped more people with my little songs than I ever expected. Truthfully, that makes me tear up just saying it. Very few people know my name, and but for the ones who do, I probably had a hand in helping them in some way even if it was just a good feeling for a short three minutes with three chords & the truth kind of moment. That’s cool to me. Right now, I have a laser focus on writing, collaborating, and just getting to know some of the most infuential & talented people in the country music industry including the workhorses, and the publishers. I want to bring my life experiences and package that up in a way a talented, hungry artist can feel part of that delivery on stage in front of a few thousand people. If I had a goal, I’d love to see one of these songs I’ve contributed to be performed at an aniconic venue. Grand Ole Opry, The Ryman, and Red Rocks…but we’ll see if that is in the cards. I think it would be an epic, full-circle moment to sit in the back row experiencing that moment with a backstage pass hanging around my neck. My goal for every writing session is to showcase the artist’s strengths to give them the best opportunity to make that happen for them, and I can truthfully say I want that for them because they are all incredible. Make no mistake…I have my side projects! I have a handful of songs that mean something to me, and yes, you’ll be hearing them very soon. I still must keep my fans engaged and feed my desire to perform new stuf because I get bored easily. I’ll share a secret…I’ve been hitting the studio secretly on and of these last three years, and I’m proud of what will become my next album. There’s been a lot of life, growth, and evolution for me since releasing “Get It Right” back in 2018, and I want to share it with everyone that has helped me get to this moment. So be on the lookout this spring!

Music History By Tinamarie Passantino


IndiesVoice Magazine will discuss music genres and the history of music throughout its issues. Some of the latest counts show there to be a total of approximately 40 genres and 241 subgenres today. The defnition of a genre is a form of writing or a form of artistic expression that is used for publication or dissemination. So, any written piece of work with enough similarities in its content and style would be considered part of a given genre. Looking back in history the frst melody is known as “Hurrian Hymn no. 6” and has been thought to be from around the 14th century B.C.E. However, the oldest musical composition to have survived in its entirety is from the frst century A.D. which is known as “Seikilos Epitaph” a Greek composition. It is said that the song was found engraved on an ancient marble column that was used to mark a woman’s gravesite. Although “Hurrian Hymn no. 6” was found in fragments when it was unearthed there have been some attempts at deciphering what it was about. Many have said it was a religious song that was created to honor Nikkal, the Goddess of Orchards, and that it was used in wedding rituals. Here is one translation that has been reported: "For the ones that are ofering to you, prepare two ofering loaves in their bowls, when I am making a sacrifce in front of it. They have lifted sacrifces up to heaven for (their) welfare and fortune (?). At the silver sword symbol at the right side (of your throne), I have ofered them. I will nullify them (the sins). Without covering or denying them (the sins), I will bring them (to you), in order to be agreeable (to you). You love those who come in order to be covered (reconciled). I have come to put them in front of you and to take them away through a reconciliation ritual. I will honour you and at (your) footstool not….It is Nikkal, who will strengthen them. She let the married couples have children. She let them be borne to their fathers. But the begetter will cry out: “She has not born any child!” Why have not I as a (true) wife born children for you?” Now that we know where music comes from, in the next issue, we will talk about how music has evolved.

Hope Wins was written at our songwriting session during JMA Fest 2022. An incredible group of songwriters created this song that will be recorded and sold with 100% of the proceeds going to a charity that is currently under review for selection.

The Bobby Ray Boone Music Foundation is created to help support the music dreams of our youth.

Please help us support all those with music in their hearts and those that dare to chase their dreams. bby-ray-boone-music-foundation.html

JMA Fest 2022

Nashville, Tennessee Thank you to all the JMA Fest performers, vendors, sound/lighting/stage set up, venues, festival sponsors, stage sponsors, Craig Campbell, Matt Boone, Daryl Holder, Mike Nichols, Jimmy Parker, Trace Thompson, Corey Lee Barker, Bobby Mackey, Mr. & Mrs.Wakeley, Ricky Persaud Jr., Natalie Jean, Nicki Kris, Mr. & Mrs. McAdoo, JMA Crew, all the venue staf, and everyone that jumped in to help keep the frst JMA Fest running smoothly. We appreciate you! Josie & Tinamarie photographers, Belmont University Service Corps,

The 8th Annual Josie Music Awards

Here is just a little sample of the JMAs! Guest presenters, performers, acceptance speeches, and making your way to the stage!

We love our Tribute Artist/Band Category!




With the launch of 2023, a brand new 18-song compilation album from Cory M. Coons, (with 2 bonus Christmas songs on digital platforms, and 1 on Cd), "Across The Great Divide" has just been offcially released on Feb 10th, 2023 with MTS Records. The music will span the years from 2012- 2022 of Cory’s music. It also will feature the single and lead track off of the album "Trail of the Chosen One", released on Feb 3rd, 2023.


Candy Carpenter of The Band Wanted has been writing and fne-tuning this song for the past fve years. Based on her personal experiences as a child. Joshua Carpenter adds an upbeat fare to the song with a banjo- type sound on the piano accompanied by the pedal steel, bass guitar, and Candy providing a unique percussion sound on the spoons. Released February 10th!


Two singer-songwriters creating a new alluring beautiful sound featuring Sunny Loudin on the 12- string and Russ Mazion on electric guitar. Capturing the complexity of love, heartbreak, fear, and triumph in their frst single! “La Luna” Released on 01/01/23

Battle Scars by Mike Hernandez was released in honor of all the Veterans that served during peace and war times and for their families. Mike is a Marines Corp Veteran himself and is donating 50% of his proceeds from this song to an organization that helps families of those that paid the ultimate sacrifce for their country and to Veterans in need once they return home.





King's Conquest, is made up of siblings Noah, Ezra, and Ella Wolf. King's Conquest is a three-piece Christian Pop/Rock/Contemporary band from Central Wisconsin formed in 2021. Their frst 12-track album "Tested By Fire" which was released on February 3rd has many highlights including soaring harmonies, ear-grabbing hooks, deep spiritual lyrics, and a Christ-centered message that is sure to touch your soul.

The debut solo album release "Steel Called" by Jimmy Reno this past summer had many songs co-written by Jimmy and Phillip David Harris. This album includes positive Christian country music in that traditional country music style we all love and just can't get enough of. Look for his song "Thank You Lord For Making Me A Cowboy".

Falling In Love with Nashville was written by Steven Ferrand and Joseph McDaniel. This song talks about the frst time Steven came to Nashville, what he saw, how he felt, and what stood out! Take a listen and remember your frst time arriving in Nashville.

Picture Perfect by Scott Blackmon was released on January 4th. I wrote picture-perfect over Christmas 2022. I had nine songs ready to cut before I sat down and wrote Picture Perfect. I knew it was special as soon as I fnished it. I called the studio in Nashville and we cut it ahead of the other nine songs.

ARE WE GONNA FALL IN LOVE – is a song about fnding love when you’re not looking, when you think you don’t want to fnd it and then opening yourself up to the possibility that it can happen again. Lia Caton fttingly released this song on Valentine's Day. Lia is a 2022 Josie Music Awards Vocalist of the Year.



The "What The Hell Have I Got Myself Into?" EP was released on January 13th and is the 4th and most recent release from British country/pop singer/songwriter Emily Lockett and was crowdfunded by her fans. Emily's music is a blend of young Taylor Swift meets Avril Lavigne and her EP releases have garnered much praise.

Kathryn Shipley (KShip) releases "Keep Your Eyes On Me" a song that will leave you feeling empowered and with a sense that you are not alone in this world. Always keep your eyes and heart open for higher guidance.

Who Am I Gonna Love - Thomas Kavanagh (feat. Kirstie Kraus)

Who Am I Gonna Love was co-written with country artist Krystal King during one of Thomas Kavanagh’s visits to Nashville. Fun fact, the two songwriters sat down to write WAIGL on a hot day in Nashville outside by a tree and then a few weeks later recorded the worktape outside of the famous Listening Room Cafe. Krystal then sent her friend Kirstie Kraus the worktape and Kirstie quickly jumped on the idea of being a part of the song and recording it as a duet. The single Who Am I Gonna Love was derived from Thomas’ thoughts and questions to himself through his quest for love. Who Am I Gonna Love is Thomas and Kirstie’s frst duet either of them has ever released. They hope the new single warms the listener's hearts and makes them feel not alone in their feelings around the holiday as WAIGL dropped the day before Valentine's Day.

"Beach Time" is the latest single written and recorded by Australian country artist Jase Lansky. This laid-back single is ready for summer!



On The Road Shows Events Tours

April 1, 2023 - Allison Cipris Sirens of Sound Festival; Defant Brewing Co; Pearl River, NY

April 29, 2023 - Ashlyn Green The Italian -American Heritage Festival; Greenville, SC

May 11-13, 2023 The Malpass Brothers Bluegrass and Country Music Festival Where: Denton Farm Park; Denton, NC

May 14, 2023 - Jennifer Alvarado Lost Chord Guitars; Solvang, CA

June 3, 2023 - The Daniel Jordan Band, (Opening for Larry Fleet)Trav-L Park; Virginia Beach, VA

July 21, 2023 - Randy Travis Also Performances By: James Dupre & Lee Newton Country Tonite Theatre; Pigeon Forge, TN by East Tennesse Concerts

October 21, 2023 - JMA PreParty Studio A - Grand Ole Opry House Nashville, Tennessee October 22, 2023 - Josie Music Awards Grand Ole Opry House Nashville, Tennessee



Songwriting Bot? By Tinamarie Passantino Bots (automation) have been a part of the world for decades now and have been affecting areas in the business world such as jobs in customer service, bookkeeping, data entry, receptionists, proofreading, manufacturing, retail, and courier services to name a few. Will it affect music? Can it affect the music industry? The simple answer is yes. As of January, the word is getting out about a bot that is being worked on that can create “original” music. The bot it is said will be able to work from both text and sound prompts and can account for all genres and styles of music. It is said that this bot can write songs and lyrics and also generate video clips for the songs written by the bot. Can you imagine words, music, and a video clip without ever having to pick up an instrument or your pen and paper? The question has been raised can it replace songwriters? As for now, many feel there is a very low chance that the bot can ever replace songwriters. But, with the automation available will you as a singer/songwriter use it? We would love to hear what you think, and we will share your thoughts in our next issue. Share by emailing

Lacy J. Dalton receives the Lifetime Career Achievement Award at the 2022 Josie Music Awards

Tim Atwood gets inducted into the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame during the 8th Annual Josie Music Awards at The Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee.



Nate Venturelli “Man of Steel” By Kathryn Shipley

There is a song that grabbed me a few months ago called “Rather be Fishing” … It’s a country song, but has some soul wrapped around it. But then I listened to “Union Man” by the same artist, and I was sold! These two songs are by, 2022 Josie Music Award winner Nate Venturelli, who won, “Male Rising Star of the Year” The show was held last October at the historic, Grand Ole Opry House, in Nashville. I attended the JMA’s as well that evening, and when his name was called and the excitement surrounding his win as well as hearing his name from a few folks at the JMA festival the day before, I pretty much knew Nate had a cool story, and I was correct! Nate Venturelli brought his "Josie" hardware back to his hometown of, Demotte, Indiana. I love to hear the stories of how someone started in Music and Nate is no exception to that. The song he released, that I touched on, called “Union Man” is pretty much about his craft, being a union steelworker, and how much pride he has in being a Steelworker. The song is based on and pays homage to his late grandfather, Larry Venturelli, who was also a union steelworker. Larry was part of the Union for 31 years, as well as serving as President for USW Local 1053, In Riverdale, Indiana. When listening to “Union Man”, you can hear his love and pride that his grandfather had for being a steelworker. And when you hear this song, it grabs you into having pride for loving what you do. To me, it’s a perfect song to go into a movie. To be quite honest, I would probably name the movie “Union Man”. There is a motto for the steelworkers, and it is as follows: To unite in one organization, regardless of creed, color, or nationality, all workmen and working women.” This principle/belief was written for the United Steelworkers union, in 1942. This commitment continues to be at the heart of everything they do. Nate has taken his work ethic as a Steelworker and placed them into his passion for music. In the world of music, you always wonder what led someone, to become a singer. You will hear people say, like myself, I started in church, or I come from a background of singers. Nate came by it very honestly as a lot of us have, the infamous, “singing in the shower”, and it also evolved into nights at a karaoke bar and living rooms with family and friends. In between his crazy 70 hour work weeks at times, Nate was able to give me a little of his “downtime” to answer a few questions, for me to share with all of you. Enjoy the interview with my version of “Man of Steel” – Nate Venturelli- Kship: So great to be able to catch up with you, and I have been reading, that even before your big win at The Josie Music Awards, how much you and your band were already starting to evolve, since the release of “Union Man” How has it been going so far? Nate: Yes, before we won the award we became a band, my frst band, about 2 years before the award. We’ve opened for 10 national acts including Travis Tritt, Darius Rucker, Rodney Atkins, and more. Also played casinos, festivals, and country venues, one being Country Thunder in Wisconsin. I’m very proud of my guys and I thank God every day we found each other! KShip: “Union Man”, rose quickly when it frst came out on all digital platforms, so obviously it placed you on the radar and gave you more exposure as well, and then winning a JMA award in Nashville. Did you ever think, things would unfold so quickly like this, and opportunities come your way as they have? I read that the inspiration behind the song was from your grandfather who was a steelworker as well. Nate: I wrote the song as a tribute to my grandad and the unions across our nation. I never would’ve expected anything from the song. I just wanted folks to relate to it. I’m so shocked that people throughout the country are streaming the song now and I’m so thankful. My granddaddy was union president of USW 1053 in Riverdale, IL, he was someone who was dearly loved and he died at 54, way too soon. Kship: you and I both have something in common, coming from a small town. I see your hometown of Demotte; Indiana is a bit under 4,500 folks. What I love is that being from a small town you pretty much know everyone. I am sure you get a lot of love from your hometown folks. Nate: Yes! I love the fact that I know 75% of the folks in my town lol! We would be nowhere without the support of the towns in northwest Indiana and the Chicago suburbs. KShip: So, I will call it as I heard it, you began this journey as a “Shower singer” and doing karaoke and just hangouts singing at friends and family homes and now look at you, selling out event venues and packing bars. What moment did you know that “I think I can do some things on a music level”? So, if you were a self-taught singer did you also learn to play the guitar on your own as well? Nate: yes, I always sang in the shower but never in front of anyone until about 5 years ago for family. I was terrifed. Then it turned into karaoke, open mics, acoustic shows, and now a full band. The moment I thought, we can do this for a living, is when we played a show, and the whole crowd sang back “union man” to us. I was speechless. I learned to play guitar about 5 years ago from YouTube. KShip: Tell me a bit about your siblings, I know your sister Brittney is going through a battle right now. And I also see she has a huge support network. Nate: I have 5 sisters and 1 brother. I love them dearly; my family is everything. Brit is just fnishing her last treatment; she is cancer free! Brittney was a huge part of the reason I started singing, she always pushed me. KShip: Nate thanks so much for your time. The folks at IndiesVoice Magazine, wish you all the best and send love and prayers to your sister as well. Nate: thank y’all so much!



“I got of work and started drinking beer and strumming my guitar,” the NIPSCO welder recalls as he drives home to DeMotte in northwest Indiana. He looked at his framed photo of “Papa,” his late grandfather, a well-known fgure in the unions who died when Venturelli was just 2 but whose stories have been repeated to him in steel mills and union halls. Lyrics and melody started to pop. That night, Venturelli wrote three choruses and the frst verse of “Union Man.” Venturelli, who turns 30 on Saturday, started playing guitar in 2016 after he bought one and learned to play chords through a YouTube video, learning snippets of songs by The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and country artists. Overtime at work never allowed time for actual lessons. He’d been singing in the shower and with family and friends in living rooms and at karaoke bars, then began singing in live performances in September 2018. The Venturelli Band came together about a year ago, including a guitarist who’s a union tradesman doing maintenance in apartments. The song “Union Man” is the frst of two songs Venturelli has written and recorded (four more are in the works), but it was the one that unions started to promote, leading to its speedy success. The United Steelworkers (USW), where he’s a member, along with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, the Chicago Teachers Union, and others shared it among members from coast to coast.

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