IndiesVoice Magazine March 2023

I LOVE “GIVE BACK JAM”, and it’s kind of my baby to be honest! I look forward to this event all year! We are about to host our fourth show later this February due to rescheduling last November. The idea started a few months into the Covid pandemic. Everyone was holed up in their homes, businesses were sufering, and so were people’s emotions. I remember talking to my lead guitarist, Jason, to see if he would feel comfortable coming over to my garage to go live on Facebook to raise money. The idea was to use that money to create a tab at three locally owned restaurants for frst responders to have a “meal” on the community. A form of appreciation, and something to bring folks together…virtually. Our goal was $700 dollars, and our viewers blew way past that almost tripling our goal. Since then, we host one every year, and the whole band is engaged and a radio DJ! We get to host this show in my favorite venue now, and 100% of the proceeds go to charity. Last year we helped foster families with donations that fed over 100 homes for Thanksgiving. The upcoming show is all about supporting awareness for abuse, and 100% of those proceeds will help dozens of families who are trying to escape those situations, as well as get back on their feet. I’m really honored to just be a part of it, and I’m excited to share that our fellow indie artist, Jackson Snelling, is going to be joining us at GBJ IV!

KShip : What are your future plans as far as your music career, will you focus more on songwriting? Are any exciting projects coming up that your fans need to know about?

Trace Thompson: My plans are simple. Whatever He has planned for me, is just the way it is going to go. I’ve already accomplished more and helped more people with my little songs than I ever expected. Truthfully, that makes me tear up just saying it. Very few people know my name, and but for the ones who do, I probably had a hand in helping them in some way even if it was just a good feeling for a short three minutes with three chords & the truth kind of moment. That’s cool to me. Right now, I have a laser focus on writing, collaborating, and just getting to know some of the most infuential & talented people in the country music industry including the workhorses, and the publishers. I want to bring my life experiences and package that up in a way a talented, hungry artist can feel part of that delivery on stage in front of a few thousand people. If I had a goal, I’d love to see one of these songs I’ve contributed to be performed at an aniconic venue. Grand Ole Opry, The Ryman, and Red Rocks…but we’ll see if that is in the cards. I think it would be an epic, full-circle moment to sit in the back row experiencing that moment with a backstage pass hanging around my neck. My goal for every writing session is to showcase the artist’s strengths to give them the best opportunity to make that happen for them, and I can truthfully say I want that for them because they are all incredible. Make no mistake…I have my side projects! I have a handful of songs that mean something to me, and yes, you’ll be hearing them very soon. I still must keep my fans engaged and feed my desire to perform new stuf because I get bored easily. I’ll share a secret…I’ve been hitting the studio secretly on and of these last three years, and I’m proud of what will become my next album. There’s been a lot of life, growth, and evolution for me since releasing “Get It Right” back in 2018, and I want to share it with everyone that has helped me get to this moment. So be on the lookout this spring!

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